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Mini-gardens in Dutch clogs – perfect for small space gardens

Mini-gardens in Dutch clogs – perfect for small space gardens

Photo by Willi Galloway on the roof of the new Bastille Restaurant in Seattle

by Willi Galloway
DigginFood Organic Gardening magazine and the Garden Expert on eHow.com. "

This is a must-see new rooftop food garden. See the excellent story on Willi Galloway's website. (Mike)

El Batracio
The aphids contribute more than the small plant in this company, it yields in some way its right to "the freedom of dispersion". A Camponotus ant from my garden in a probably defensive attitude towards "their "aphids.

"A couple of weeks ago I found myself standing on the roof of Bastille-an exquisite new restaurant in Seattle's historic Ballard neighborhood. A blue sky was overhead, a sea of ​​salad greens were at my feet, and the smell of freshly fried frites was in the air.

"Colin custom-built a series of wooden raised beds fitted with pitched panels covered in shade cloth. To make harvesting easy, the panels hinge open. They are also interchangeable, so when the weather cools this fall, Colin plans on switching the shade cloth panels out with ones covered in plastic, effectively turning the beds into mini-greenhouses. "

See photos and story here on DigginFood.

Seattle Urban Farm Co. which built the roof garden

"An urban farm will provide both tangible and intangible rewards. Our goal at the Seattle Urban Farm Company is to provide you with a wide variety of vegetables every week throughout the growing season. Depending on the time of year, you may receive a basket overflowing with tomatoes, peppers, beans, and salad greens or box full of butternut squash, Brussels sprouts, celery and leeks. In addition to the supply of fresh produce, an urban farm will add beauty to your landscape. The flowers and vegetables of all colors and sizes will make your yard an even more desirable place to spend your summer days. We believe that an urban farm can help foster a connection to our food, environment and community. "