DIY Ideas and Tricks for Reusing Concrete Blocks

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Garden lighting led. led garden light kh845psh0 3 2 china led

It starts with a pile of concrete blocks ... "Those summer nights"

With a few materials and a little of creativity you can design a striking table for your patio or garden ... completing it with plants! This elegant piece is perfect for serving cold lemonade and snacks to your guests at the summer parties with barbecue and pool.

To take a break and smell the roses

Each garden needs a place to breathe the fresh, floral air ... a place to take something in the magnificent surroundings ... a place to enjoy the joyful laughter of your loved ones. And the truth is that a bank of cement blocks is that place.

New Ideas

Not long ago, dreaming of a house with a fence white was very common. Today, we are looking forward to a good, elegant and different. Well, this fabulous cement fence could not be more "different"

Anything worth?

Getting the perfect table to set your TV It is easy. Why not build a landlord? Cheap, durable and modern ... you can not ask for more! Two flat and smooth pieces of wood will simply have to be stacked in the middle of concrete blocks to have a unique and modern look.

What is cooking? p> Instead of spending money on a new luxury grill ... spend your money on the delicious meats you're going to cook! This barbecue a block of cement is simple, small, reliable ... and perfect for grilling up a dinner for two! The LTKC page has all the details. A comfortable place to rest

Gaps to put your shoes, a cozy place to rest while enjoying your favorite book, an extra bed for when your friend spends the night ... your children will love it!


Everyone needs a good place to meet their beloved couple at the end of a long day. A place to reconnect, laugh and share. A place to fall in love ... over and over again. This impressive bench could be that place.

Table in L

An L-shaped table made of cement and wood blocks is a charming place to entertain themselves, to serve cold drinks, to take the sun, and to have a laugh surrounded by good friends.

Group the firewood

Have you collected so much wood the pile has finally become a monstrosity hard to handle? Well, now that we've set up the firewood for you ... you can start firing the fire!

The secret is on the ground

Call everyone the gardeners! Intrigued by the idea of ​​starting your own compost pile? Do you love the idea of ​​turning the vegetable waste left over from the soil into nutrients for your plants?

Lift the garden!

A handful of cement form the raised garden perfect for your garden! This project is inexpensive, easy to build, and comes with individual flower pots that surround the garden wall.

The power of flowers What the world needs now ... it's more flowers! Why do you build a typical cement wall in your patio ... when you can build an absolutely stunning wall with life, color and design instead? Did you say money? / h4>

All too often we look for unique and interesting pieces ... pieces that will leave our guests in awe. Well, maybe we should start looking a little closer to home. That pile of concrete blocks that are in your yard beg for a new life, so it's time to create!

Forest awake
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