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The scaly brood boy (Smutsornis africanus) is a species of bird within the Glareolidae family, and is the only member of the genus Smutsornis . Previously it was classified within the genus Rhinoptilus , as Rhinoptilus africanus .


The crown of this bird is pale and furrowed with brown and black feathers. It has a narrow black stripe that extends from the base of the beak through the eye to the nape of the neck. The cheeks, chin, throat and neck are white, dotted with dark brown. The feathers of the back and the wings are of brown color sand with dark centers and wide whitish edges. The peak is short and blackish, the eyes are dark brown and the legs are pale gray.

Distribution and habitat

The scaly boy runner is in Ethiopia, Somalia, South Africa and Tanzania, among other African nations. Its distribution is so wide that there is very little probability of being at risk of extinction. It inhabits and reproduces in semi-desert flat, stony or gravel terrain, with firm, sandy soils and with grass or thorny shrubs.


is reproduced in monogamous pairs. The act begins after a mating dance, where the male dances in semicircles around the female. The female then lays an egg, which parents take turns for an hour of incubation. After about twenty-five days, the egg hatches. The chicks leave the nest after 24 hours of hatching, although they remain close to the nest until 3-4 days of age, at which time they join their parents. Both adults feed the chick with small insects until it feeds on itself, around 5-6 weeks old.

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The breeding season varies by country: