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The first session of WATERMAGIC was like putting a stop to my life to take the time to meditate!

"The first session of WATERMAGIC was like putting a stop to me life to take the time to meditate. During the session, I felt the energy of the water , and I began SEEING it for the first time. Other people had told me that the water is sacred and at that moment I was feeling that sacredness. My relationship with water made a very abrupt and rapid change in me as soon as I adopted it, as when you embraced a beautiful child.

Even so, it was the WATERMAGIC program that gave me the space to continue connecting with the water, and thanks to the course, water has occupied a place deep in my heart. So many transformations that I am going through ... that at my 76 years I find myself returning the process of aging and reborn.


"Hi, Patrick and Marie Elena, I tell you that I'm never far from my glass with water ... I even sip it at night. There are so many transformations that I'm going through ... that at 76 years of age I find myself returning the aging process and reborn.

We are very excited. We installed our unit for the house yesterday and it really is wonderful to know that every time you use the faucet as well as the showerhead, you will get structured water out of there. I am aware that the structuring team in our house is not only healing us inside and out, but it is also flowing on our outside creating wonderful blessings for a lifetime.

I'm sorry, it's flowing well into the universe and beyond ... Yeeeah!

- Annie R.

I have more energy, I sleep better and even my coffee tastes softer!

"Wow, what a difference! For the past 17 years, I've been teaching people to drink more water and I used to forget drinking it - until now. Since I started using Wellness Enterprise's structured water equipment, I'm drinking water all day, every day . I even take my laptop to restaurants!

I have more energy , I sleep better and even my coffee tastes better. As a child, I remember drinking water from the mountain springs (today I can not do it any more), the structured water reminds me of the water that comes from those springs.

Chocolate Cherry
Close your eyes and you will feel an infinite pleasure when the tasty taste of this cherry tomato reaches your palate. Harvest and Use Collect a source of mature tomatoes from the plants to prepare sandwiches or a delicious salad.

Water has become again my favorite drink, and my cats love it too. I always keep a glass of water near my bed to drink in the evenings - and, of course, a cup for my cats too. Thanks Patrick for finding the best water and I can also have it with me wherever I go. "

- Suzy Prudden, Professor

of structured drinking water, I now seem to need 1 to 2 hours less sleep per night!

"For me, The Wellness Enteprise's structured water equipment is way ahead of the other equivalent equipment , and this is the meaningful comparison: Of all the water filters, treatments, and bottled equipment that I have bought, used and sampled, The Wellness Entity's structured water equipment are the only ones that make me want to drink more water!

Moisturizing my body to make you healthier, more energetic and more vibrant is my ultimate goal, and establishing a personal desire to drink more water seems to me to be the ultimate in water technology.

If this is what structured water can do for plants, then I can only imagine what it can do for them.

- Paul-Michael Dekker, Green Star Standard Founder

Dear Clayton, I would like you to know how thankful and happy I am that you invented natural action equipment for all of us; Thank you. I take my laptop with me and have fun with restaurant managers and bars comparing water and wine with them before and after structuring them. People notice the difference immediately, even the color is different.

I was so impressed that I bought the unit for the house and the difference is even more impressive. I drink water from the sink in the kitchen and it is always delicious and refreshing . A friend of mine went to visit my house and I offered her a glass of water, she is from Africa and looked incredulous and asked me: "where did you get this water? I've never drank water with a taste like this since I lived in Africa many years ago. "

I was surprised that other people also recognized the difference. Since I started taking structured water I feel light and clean inside, and my skin is softer and clearer . At last I feel confident to drink water. I just need to fill my bottle before I leave home and relax, because I know that I'm opting for a healthier life. I feel good, because I know I have the opportunity to drink water at any time, which is an important factor for health, since 70% of the human body is composed of water.

The results I have to thank for structured water [These photographs were taken in the garden, in the house of Mr. LaphonPuyo, where his beautiful tomatoes are watered with structured water technology.] "I live near the city of Pau, in France, and I want to share the results that I have to thank the structured water. The photographs I show you are proof of the results I am having in my garden. Take showers feel better, the pH of water is always stable at 7, so I no longer have to use pH reducers. And these tomatoes are out of this world! Only the one on the left photograph weighs more than 2 pounds (1 kilo)! "

- Pau, en France

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