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In this challenge you have to demonstrate how people can create wonderful habitats for birds, or how birds find what they need to survive in the most amazing places. Go for a walk, and see how the birds love green areas, water, and find shelter in unexpected places. Notice how seeds and nectar are found in flowers, berries, and fruits. You can send us a photo of a wonderful and perfect urban garden for the birds, or a poem about how some birds are very lucky to find seeds next to your window. Watch the birds in your neighborhood, and you will find that there are people helping birds everywhere, with or without intensity! Tell us about what you see and find and share it with us. Be creative! You can take a photo, make a sculpture or drawing, shoot a video, or write a poem or story. All you have to do is show, or describe how the birds enjoy their habitat. It's that easy! Find out more and participate in

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Prizes include Kaytee bird feeders, field guides to identify birds, recordings of birds and other animals on CDs, beautiful posters, entertaining books about birds for children and adults, and much more.

Prizes include Kaytee bird feeders, bird guides, recordings birds, posters, entertaining books about birds for adults and children, and more.

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