5 ideas for decorating the garden with old teapots - IMujer

5 ideas for decorating the garden with old teapots - IMujer

5 ideas for decorating the garden with old teapots - IMujer

We always have those old teapots that we no longer put on the table when our friends come to tea and we have hidden in some cupboard taking up space. Did you know that you are saving an object that can completely change the decoration of your garden ?

Today I bring you 5 ideas to decorate the garden with old teapots. to take them out of where they are and embellish the most beautiful place of your house. Let's do it?

# 1 Bird house

I love this idea! Not only do you give an original decoration to the boring tree you have in your garden, but you also make a place for the birds in your home. Can you imagine sipping coffee in the morning and listening to the birds sing? It should be the most beautiful, are you going to miss it?

# 2 Fountain and drinking fountain

Do you have a fountain in your backyard? Well if you do not have it this is your opportunity to do it yourself. Do not you think super cute this source made with an old boiler ? In addition you can place a dish so that the water ponds there and your new neighbors, the birds, can drink it. I want one at home now!

Ceiba speciosa photos on Flickr | Flickr
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3 Pots with all the style

How nice would your favorite plant be in a pot made with a teapot ! This idea is perfect for any garden, you can put one or all that you want. For example, you can hang them from the wall of your garden and that each one looks at a plant with different and colorful flowers. You can also use it to plant your favorite grass; I have one at home in the kitchen window with my basil. All my guests love it!

# 4 Wind chimney