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2923 Arbusto Grand Prairie TX 75054- # 13515523

The acorn is the fruit of the oaks.

Some days ago my sister returned on a trip. He went to Xalapa, Veracruz and brought me an unexpected and captivating gift.

It was an artisanal toy, a type of pirinola that, when pulling a rope, turned and turned.

It was an acorn!

Yes, an acorn like the one we see in the films of "The Ice Age."

The acorn was oval, very large, was about 5 cm long.

And I was curious to know which trees produce it.

And The acorns are very hard.

Acorns are the fruits of trees that are commonly known as "oaks "And that biologists call Quercus, a Latin word meaning" oak "or" oak. "

There are about 600 oak species in the world that can be high trees (40 m) or small shrubs (10 - 60 cm).

Gardeners - UC Berkeley Urban Bee Lab
This important service goes largely unnoticed and uninterrupted during the flowering season. Therefore, they are very beneficial for the urban population.

A characteristic of its leaves is that they are very hard, as if they were leather, for that reason they are known as coriáceas.

The oaks are found in the temperate forests, some scrub and grasslands of America, Europe and Asia. the country with the most species of oaks in the world, since in their forests they inhabit approximately 160 species, that is to say 33% of all the species of encinos!

In addition, 86 of these species are endemic, that is to say that they are only found in our country.


Sometimes, the oaks arrive at the oaks that inject their eggs into young leaves with a kind of sting.

In response, oak produces a tissue surrounding the egg and of which the larva is going to feed once it hatch.

Depending on the species of oak, there are round, lemon-like, with horns, brown or with hair.

In some villages, which have oak forests around them, children