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Welcome to "Creating a web application for Chat with NodeJS and SocketIO" , you will learn step by step how to develop an instant chat with these two technologies.

NodeJS is a technology that allows us to do back-end development using only JavaScript .

SocketIO is a library that allows us to handle events in real time using the TCP protocol using only JavaScript. It is very powerful and we can make any type of application in real time.

In the course we will develop a real-time chat room using NodeJS, Express and SocketIO.

With NodeJS we can do any type of back-end development, for example REST APIs and combined with frameworks like Angular 2 we can do a complete full-stack development, making a SPA web on the front. >

What is a RESTful API?

A REST API is a service that can be used from any device that understands the HTTP protocol, and interacts directly with the database. data. For example, smartphone applications interact with the server through a RESTful API.

We will also learn Angular 2 from scratch and how to create web clients and develop SPA web-based applications with this Google framework (AngularJS 2).

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What is a SPA web?

A SPA web is a single page application where data loading is asynchronous and page is not recharged in almost any time, despite changing routes or url to navigate between sections of the application, is a new trend in web development.

At the end of the course you will be able to develop real-time chat with NodeJS and SocketIO

You will see practical examples We will use each of the key parts of frameworks to build this web application < / p>

Check out the course program to see all the topics you will learn. Join the course: Learn NodeJS and !!

Who is the target audience?

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