International Colibrí Festival 2014 | San Miguel de Allende | Attention San Miguel

Photography by Tomás Fernández

An initiative of Jim, the second International Festival of the Hummingbird will take place.

McKeever and Alfredo Garcia Lucio, creators of Camino Silvestre, who have been involved with hummingbirds for 20 years, designing, manufacturing, and selling feeders of recycled blown glass for these small birds. Together with El Charco del Ingenio and the Audubon Society of Mexico, this festival is the first one on an international level in Latin America that covers hummingbirds. Guests will attend from the United States, Mexico, Peru, and Venezuela. In an interview with Attention , McKeever said that the purpose of this festival is to educate and inform people about this bird, as well as to involve scientists and the community in the same space on the same topic. / p>

Endemic to the Americas, 57 hummingbird species live in Mexico; of these, 14 species migrate to the United States and Canada. The hummingbird is the smallest bird in the world, yet in the animal kingdom, it is the one with the largest heart in proportion to its size. It beats its wings up to 200 times per second and is the only bird that can fly backwards and can remain suspended in the air. There are plants in the Americas which are only pollinated by hummingbirds.

Photo exhibition of hummingbirds by Tomás Fernández. Open to public. House Europe. 10 am-6pm.

Book signing and presentation of "Hummingbirds of Mexico" by biologists Humberto Berlanga and María del Coro Arizmendi. House Europe. 11 am-12pm.

Keynote presentation by biologist Oscar González from Peru who will talk about the network of pollinating hummingbirds in the forests of the high Andes. Fine arts. 6 pm-7pm.

Movie Flying Jewels (Flying Jewels) by Carlo Ferraro.

Movement and Expression Workshop, taught by Magda Garcia Lucio, body psychotherapist. She will also speak of the movement of energy generated by the hummingbird. House Europe. 9 am-10am.

Thalía Walker will speak about the magic of the hummingbird, its energy, and how it works in feng shui to harmonize your home and increase energy. Charco del Ingenio. 10:30 am-11:30am.

Family activities, including how to identify different species of hummingbirds, paintings and drawings, origami, puppet-making, and puppet show by the Huitzilin company. Charco del Ingenio. 10 am-2pm.

Plants and Flowers, plants species: June 2012
Its perennial foliage remains attractive throughout the year and its spring flowers are nothing short of beautiful. Phlox subulata forms shallow roots and its horizontal stems light easily so its common name creeping Phlox.

Creation of hummingbird masks. Charco del Ingenio. 2:30 p.m. - 4:30 p.m. (maximum capacity 20 people)

Keynote Presentation by Dr. Susan Wethington, founder of the "Hummingbird Monitoring Network." Fine Arts. 6 pm-7pm.

Closing cocktail, fundraising event. Includes food and drinks. Cost: 500 pesos. Posada Corazón. 8 pm-11pm.

The cost of 100 pesos per day includes all activities. 50% discount for students submitting their valid ID

Purchase tickets for the Festival and Closing Cocktail:

Camino Silvestre, Zacateros 46, Centro, and Correo 43, Centro.

Casa de Europa, San Francisco 23, Centro.

You will also be offered at the locations and days of each event. Tel. 121 90 90

Bellas Artes, Hernández Macías 75, Centro. Tel. 152 0289

Posada Corazón, Aldama 9, Centro. Huichilopoztli was the God Hummingbird, and who guided the Aztecs to find Tenochtitlan.

The Aztecs thought that the warriors who died in battle spent 4 days in the sun and returned to this world as hummingbirds to protect their loved ones.