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Sitting before the fire, in a leather armchair, was the dictator of that world, the venerable Ramm, or to call him by his full name, Ramm Rapelye.

the crest; his eyes narrowing beneath the blue membrane that protected them, the turkey approached the urn in which the Child, dressed in white silk rancid, lifted in his right hand his silver world, which had a cross crowned, poured the grace of his face and the kindness of his glass eyes upon the poor house and its inhabitants.

Emilia Pardo Bazán

They had seven or eight girdles in front of them, and instead of the ones that were to be seen behind, they stitched a skirt that looked like a crescent moon; They were too long to feel so bad about having them for so long in such a laborious world that they would say goodbye.

He had taken the habit of scolding the clerks with hardness, explaining the minutiae of commerce and the haberdashery to the detail adorning the description with those rough jokes that constitute the lingo lingo. Listened to by force for his home country, pleased with himself, he ended up making a phraseology of his own.

Ah world, world! "Eight days later Don Antonio sent an email to Lima, to a negro, a cook of the friars of San Francisco, who dressed in the habit of donating and enjoyed in the city a great reputation as a saint.

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This is the first time that the federal government proposes to allocate cash and money to solve the Salton Lake problem. The white beaches turn out to be so because they are formed by the pulverized thorns of millions of dead fish.

Then to reap thirty-three moneys and walk among lies behind the post of a superb family worldly dream and bring to these chains more heirs to prolong us football and cowbells and keep on struggling us through the competing hells to win and to be the mere, mere maroers of the circuses imposed on masses of clowns with power!

Antonio Domínguez Hidalgo

But the bad relationship between the sisters came from childhood; in one of her fights, Joan was wounded with a broken collarbone. The rivalry between them was known in the Hollywood scene from an early date.

This book reflected strong Niezschean visions and Dionysian euphoria, for what she wanted to show was that neither the Finesa Civil War nor the bloody Revolution Russian, or tuberculosis, let alone the critics would stop writing poetry. His work did not have a great acceptance in life; however, opened the door to the world of literature.

However, although no one perceived it, he felt asphyxiated: by the family and social repressions related to a sexuality that always kept reserved for intimacy, by the jealousy and small betrayals of the cultural world, and by a political climate polarized between Peronism and antiperonismo, tendency the last one with which the young woman was identified.

Inherited the mayorazgo, but its homosexuality, that is not and his defects, which today would pass through virtues, made him a black sheep for the less tolerant part of the good society (his mother will withdraw his salutation for having hung his collection of portraits of young pugilists in the living room) , but not for her friend and introducer in the literary world, Emilia Pardo Bazán, whose home-made chatting frequented.

The stories that form her books The first leaves of the night and The Lone Ranger has the head peeled like a toothbrush they return on these matters, on the adolescence of its personages, on its special world.