17 new and original projects to reuse our soft drink cans - The voice of the wall

Jean reciclado bolso colgante

Jean reciclado bolso colgante

After learning to recycle and reuse our plastic bottles to care for the environment and save money, it is the turn of cans and refreshment cans.

In addition, it is a simple material .

cut and bend so, with proper precautions and simple scissors, you will be able to complete most of the crafts presented below.

No you'll miss these 17 new and original projects to reuse our soda cans.

Cookie dough cutter

Source and detailed instructions: diyhshp

Too big, too small, shaped like a heart or a star? Finding the right cookie cutter will never be a problem, as with this great trick you can easily make your own.

Ring Lamp

This lamp is as original as it is economical, Build it yourself by reusing the rings of refreshment cans. Of course, you will need a good handful so you can ask your friends and family to keep them.

Soda Bracelets

These bracelets are very nice and easy to make, and they support an endless number of designs and combinations. You will only need scissors, silicone gun and your favorite ribbons to build them.

Decorative flowers

Source and detailed instructions: sweetfajr

They are original, colorful and very showy; these extraordinary garden flowers will be the envy of all your neighbors. To build them you must discard the top of your can and, with scissors, trim the petals of the flower. Then spray them with spray paint and go!


Andy Warhol proved that brands and packaging of everyday products can be made into one of the most popular products in the world.

Low fiber and waste diet: MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia
A low-fiber diet can include foods you usually eat, such as cooked vegetables, fruits, white bread, and meats. This includes yogurt, lumpy white cheese, milk, pudding or creamy soup or 1.5 ounces (43 g) hard cheese.

objects of art if you know how to present them. And it does not take a genius to know that once you take them on, many people will ask you to do them and give them one.

Ring Belt

This fantastic Cooling ring belt is very simple to manufacture and looks great. We should only choose our preferred colors and weave them with the rings following the instructions. In a moment we will have a great complement for our clothes.

Soda can necklace

As important as accessories are jewelry. So, with this manuality we can launch an original necklace with which to celebrate the arrival of spring.

Tin flowers

Do you think that bag is too mediocre? Do you need a clasp in that coat? With these pretty tin flowers you can decorate any object that needs a point of color and joy.

Pencil holder

Line the soda can with a piece of rubber and then draw the silhouettes of

Symbols and wall decorations

The shield of your favorite rock band, the symbol of peace or, if you dare, a portrait, etc. Any type of poster and decorative object can be constructed using the soda rings.

Of course you can use tin flowers to make refrigerator magnets, you just have to make them smaller by following these instructions. >

Tinplate is a very moldable material and easy to work using scissors and a punch. In this way we will cut and paint our soda cans to form an extraordinary garland of autumnal leaves.

If you liked the necklace of soda cans, wait to see these great earrings.

Combining several soda cans, we can build this precious box with geometric motifs and decorative engravings to store our jewelry and accessories. It is a great craftsmanship that you can cut, paint and engrave in a thousand shapes and colors.