25 Secret Starbucks Drinks You Did not Know



With 46 years of opening, it seems that the Starbucks menu is a bit boring and you've already tasted all the flavors, aromas and colors that this cafeteria can have.

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p> It has become one of the world's favorites for young people, so if you are a fan of Starbucks and you think you have tried everything, we found the secret menu Starbucks with 25 delicious drinks you have never tasted.

1. Captain Crunch Frappuccino

Order it with a shot of caramel, two toffee, one hazelnut and two tablespoons of chocolate chips. You will reactivate your day, your afternoon or your night!

2. Chai tea of ​​the poor

Do you bring little cash? Order a Mixed Chai tea with extra foam and add 2 bags of cinnamon tea and two vanilla.

3. Nutella

Order a mixed coffee with a shot of chocolate, ask the barista to add a spoonful of hazelnut and decorate it with caramel.

4. Biscotti Frappuccino

Buy one of these snacks and ask them to add it to any frappe.

5. The undertow

In a large cup or glass ask for the following: 3 servings of syrup of your choice (we suggest vanilla) a light touch of milk and 3 shots of expresso, all unmixed. The idea is that you enjoy the strength of the espresso so that you revitalize and end with a sweet sensation on your palate that causes the syrup mixed with milk.

6. Oreo Frappuccino

This will be super simple. Ask for the double chocolate frappuccino with white chocolate mocha sparkles instead of the regular mocha syrup.

7. Neapolitan Frappuccino

Order the strawberry frappuccino with cream with a touch of pure vanilla with mocha syrup

8. Zebra Frappuccino

Ask to be mixed with red tea with green tea, simple, the taste will charm you.

10. Frappuccino Teddy Graham

Try a frappuchino coffee with double sweet syrup of cinnamon, honey and a little vanilla. If you are not a fan of coffees you can order a thick base of cream instead of coffee.

11. Dirty Chai Tea

Test your tea with a shot of espresso and that's it. The Double Dirty brings 2 shot of espresso and tastes better.

12. Frappuccino Apple Pie

Ask your barista for the following: to the first line a cream base, in the second apple juice to later add a stream of double cinnamon syrup and another one of caramel. Add a biscotti, on the tip suggests cream and a shower and caramel syrup and it will be ready and crispy to drink.

13. The Frappuccino Red Tuxedo

Order one of mocha combined, that is, of both types of chocolate and ask for 2 shots of raspberry syrup.

14. Pumpkin Chocolate

Order a pumpkin latte with a shot of chocolate and you'll be sampling a drink treat.

15. Frapuchino Twix

One of caramel with extra caramel and an extra hazelnut stream. Just in the middle to form the cream tip ask for chocolate chips and already at the tip ask for sparks of mocha.

16. Frappuccino Cookies and Cream

It is a white mocha mixed with chocolate chips. Its secret is to ask for some mint essence to get the touch of surprise.

17. 3C Latte

Add to your latte dolce cinnamon a shot of chocolate and some real caramel.

18. Frappuccino Grasshopper

To mocha you'll pour chocolate chips with a shot of mint syrup, mix it and go.

19. Snickers Frappuccino

Order a chocolate chip frappuccino and add two streams of roasted coffee with cream on the tip and sparks of caramel.

20. Frappuccino Sundae

This is ideal for summer. The only detail is that you can only order it in places where they serve refreshing drinks. It is strawberries with cream made with orange instead of the strawberry puree. 3 short jets of cream as a base, 1 tablespoon of vanilla essence, a little raspberry syrup and another of peach. Add ice and that's it.

22. A Dalmatian latte

Add to the mocha white a shot of chocolate syrup with chocolate chips and a shot of vanilla.

23. Caramel Macchiato

A vanilla Frappuccino with two shots of Expresso and chocolate chips and Boom! It will be one of your favorites.

24. Frappuchino Black Forest

Blackberries and chocolate together never tasted better. Order a Frappuchino of mocha and biscuit, this one asks to put a shot of syrup of blackberries, two of venti and one of great. Usually the vanilla comes.

25. The Trenta!

This is a 916 milliliter glass recently offered by Starbucks. The next time you go for your tea, coffee and even frappuchino, ask for it in a Trenta. It will cost you extra the price of a venti.

Now you know 24 new flavors that you should try in your favorite cafeteria. / p>