caipirinha - definition and meaning

caipirinha - definition and meaning

caipirinha - definition and meaning

EAT & amp; DRINK: The Brazilians love their meat almost as much as they love their native cocktail, the caipirinha , which is mixed in a variety of fruity flavors.

The caipirinha is a strong and addicting adult beverage.

promote the popular new cachaça-based drink called the caipirinha through the use of 20 "walking and talking ads" across the US.

aperitif, the "caipirinha" is similar to a Mexican margarita, but instead of tequila, the firewater is "cachaca", distilled from sugar cane.

I googled "caipirinha" and it sounds kind of like a mojito, and I love mojitos!

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, which is the name of Brazil's yummy national drink.

Just make sure to order that with a Black Label, mojito, pisco sour or caipirinha


Before you come back down , enjoy a sweet caipirinha , a drink made of mulled fruit and cachaca, at Abencoado, an adorable mountain-top cafe

And, cachaca's only caipirinha ingredient.

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