The World of Ranma ½

When Ranma and Genma were traveling around China, they had a lot of fun, strong> ... After having fallen in the damn ponds of Jusenkyo, the guide of the place takes them to see the last combats of the tribe of the Amazons. Women in this tribe are very strong; therefore, it is called "The tribe of the Amazons, women of female supremacy".

A purple-haired girl has no problem to beat her opponents ... Ranma woman and Genma (panda) come the encounter while eating; what they did not know was that they were eating the prize of the victor, the girl with the purple hair. This girl, called Shampoo (or Xian-pu), had just beaten his last opponent and challenged Ranma to mourning, for having eaten the prize. Ranma easily defeats her; however, Shampoo gives the girl a kiss on the cheek, the well-known "kiss of death". This means that Shampoo must kill Ranma at any price, to amend his honor.

Ranma, Genma and the guide must flee the village (although they take the prize, of course) so that Shampoo does not kill Ranma. What Ranma could not imagine was that Shampoo would follow him to Japan.

After a heated ice-skating competition, Shampoo appears in Nerima looking for Ranma-chan, who, on seeing her, hides, to the surprise of Akane. His fiance explains the whole story and they are heading for the dojo ... where Shampoo was waiting for them. Attempting to defend himself against the ravages of the Amazon, Ranma-kun unintentionally defeats Shampoo. Ryoga (who was there all the time and learned what happened) pushes him to receive his kiss of death ...

But he gets much more than that: Shampoo gives him a tremendous kiss on the lips , without stopping repeating it:

"Woo ai nii"

Akane is very angry with Ranma, Shampoo follows him everywhere, but the Amazon does not know that Ranma man and Ranma woman ... Son Ranma½. And now comes the big problem: how does Ranma tell Shampoo that he is woman and man?

Because Shampoo cooked P-chan to give Ranma lunch (he cooked Ryoga, for Akane is angry and the Amazon gives her the kiss of death, so they face in combat, leaving loser Akane, who, as a result of this, does not remember Ranma. >

"Ranma? who is that? Ah, is it Rumba? Afterwards, Doctor Tofu explains to them that Shampoo used a legendary technique, the combat massage "xi fa xihen gou shiatsu", which consists of washing the hair to the opponent with a special shampoo in record time, pressing certain points of the head, being able to manipulate its memory.

Dr. Tofu: It really is a combination of special shampoos and the pressure of certain specific points of the skull that allows manipulating the opponent's memory.

Ranma removes a shampoo formula # 110 to Shampoo, but Akane does not recover the memory, it does not serve him. You have to get the number 119. Shampoo agrees to give it to him in return for him to beat Ranma-chan, so Ranma asks Ryoga to beat him, but Ryoga does not want to, he wants to stay with Akane, and what better way if Ranma marries Shampoo. Ranma starts to beat Ryoga for him to return the blows, but Ranma still wins. Akane and Soun are all beaten up, when Akane says they do not hit the poor wimp, Ranma gets angry and shouts insults, and with them Akane regains his memory, but the problems do not end ...

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and Ranma reveals his secret. The rider must kill Ranma girl, but she can not, she loves Ranma boy. It says:

Shortly after, Shampoo returns with her great-grandmother, Cologne, who took her to train Jusenkyo ... And you could not save, fell in the maoniichuan, the pond of Drowned Cat; now she becomes a cute kitten and has returned to conquer Ranma ...

But it did not have a small detail: Ranma has a phobia of cats because of a training that was submitted by his father, legendary Nekoken (should not be applied in humans) and when his fear reaches an uncontrollable point, he becomes unconscious and becomes psychologically into a cat.

Shampoo: This is serious inconvenience for Shampoo ... Ranma is in that state, only the old woman on the side where Ranma and Genma lived could calm him, but she had long since passed away; then Genma decides that he should take over ...

What a laugh, Genma comes dressed as an old lady, telling him ...

Obviously this does not work. It is believed that everything is lost, but ... Ranma calms down with Akane, sitting like a kitten in his lap ... and kissing her tenderly, which causes more fights and entanglements between Ranma and the other pretenders of Akane ... and of course, between them involved.