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The acorn is the fruit of the oaks.

Some days ago my sister returned on a trip. He went to Xalapa, Veracruz and brought me an unexpected and captivating gift.

It was an artisanal toy, a type of pirinola that, when pulling a rope, turned and turned.

It was an acorn!

Yes, an acorn like the one we see in the films of "The Ice Age."

The acorn was oval, very large, was about 5 cm long.

And I was curious to know what trees produce it.

And The acorns are very hard.

Acorns are the fruits of trees that are commonly known as "oaks "And that biologists call Quercus, a Latin word meaning" oak "or" oak. "

There are about 600 oak species in the world that can be tall trees (40 m) or small shrubs (10 - 60 cm).

A characteristic of its leaves is that they are very hard, as if they were leather, for that reason they are known as coriáceas.

The oaks are found in the temperate forests, some bushes and grasslands of America, Europe and Asia. the country with the most species of oaks in the world, since in their forests they inhabit approximately 160 species, that is to say 33% of all the species of encinos!

In addition, 86 of these species are endemic,

Gnaw on the leaf of an oak tree.

Sometimes, the oaks arrive at the oaks that inject their eggs into the young leaves with a kind of sting.

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Opals are iridescent, as are several species of insects, such as some beetles and butterflies. However, until very recently the iridescence in plants was overlooked.

In response, oak produces a tissue that surrounds the egg and of which the larva is going to feed once it hatch.

Depending on the species of oak, there are round, lemon-like, with horns, brown or with fur.

In some villages, which have oak forests around them, children


The cork oak is a native tree of Europe and North Africa whose scientific name is Quercus suber.

It is an important relative of the oaks because of it the famous cork is obtained.

To obtain it, the bark of very old trees is removed manually, then left to rest for its healing and growth of a new bark up to 11 years.

Cork is mainly used to make stoppers for many alcoholic beverages and to a lesser extent, for floor coverings, shoe insoles and boards.

Now you know that the cork in the wine bottle is related to the oaks.

made in acorns.

In Mexico there is a great tradition in the use of oaks.

In Oaxaca, for example, rosaries or necklaces are made with acorns the acorns and uniting them with threads), in the Federal District they make Christmas arrangements, in Jalisco and Guerrero acorns are used to feed pigs and goats, and even to enjoy a drink similar to coffee.

is the bark of the oaks, since it contains a substance called tannin that is widely used to tan skins in cities such as Leon, Guanajuato.

In general, oak wood is of good quality are manufactured with it: plows, axles of cart, furniture, toys, fences, spins and bows of violins, to mention just a few examples.

The acorn is one of the characters of the Eco-garden-UNAM.

Here you will find oak oak (Quercus germana)

/ em>, originally from Xalapa, Veracruz, and which is endemic to Mexico and the white oak (Quercus acutifolia) , which is in danger of extinction due to its restricted distribution, since it is only found in the states of Guerrero, Jalisco, Mexico, Morelos, Nayarit, Oaxaca and Puebla.

In addition we have a character called Cus who is an acorn puppet and a song about the oaks. , oaks are a group of interesting, very useful trees and an important part of Mexican ecosystems.

We invite you to meet them live at UNAM Eco-garden.