Colibri Soul

Colibri Soul

Colibri Soul

My adult life begins here and ended with me.

Have you ever read "the bad run"? It is a text of Eduardo Galeano and at the time it seemed wonderful to me - I still think the same thing - but to experience it in my own flesh is fucked, because sorry, but I did not find another word that synthesizes my bad streak. I decided to take charge of my life, in the colloquial understanding: one becomes adult, gets a job and pays his bills. One of two: I'm exaggerating or really fucked, I am.

Nobody teaches us that everything is so complicated. We spent years getting ready to "Be Someone" (it seems that in this world it is not enough to exist to have an identity) but then it becomes difficult to realize who that someone is.

How to find ourselves while we are concerned about the due date of the light bullet or the satisfaction of our boss regarding our work? What if it does not reach the money? It is sadder that happiness does not reach our path. But who has time to think about it? Life runs menacing, we must follow or we will fall. Drop loss.
This is how I feel lately and there is nobody to ask for advice ... We are adults who should have answers but I do not know where they are mine were lost just like me.

Thanks to that, they give me children right and wrong, and there are times when I do not know what to do with them, so I keep filling pots and places like today.

We just pretend, we manage to deal with each of the circumstances that appear - because we do not ask for them - and if we resist that they happen everything can be complicated.

Life advances and we with it because if not only happens to us. Sometimes I wanted to scream and blame someone that everything went on, I was surprised more than once saying "this is not fair because I did not decide to grow, I do not even know what I do here", which is very absurd because it is whoever he is and how old he is, nobody knows.

Where are your concerns hiding because the last fortnight goes all in medications or because they have discounted a week of their salary for missing two days? Should I get used to waiting like everyone else? What am I doing wrong?

Maybe I'm not doing anything wrong, maybe life is not doing anything to me either, just that I was not ready, is anyone else? It's time to shake hands with the unpredictable, to know that there will be fear of mistakes and complications, but I'll be doing my best too ... Hoping it will be enough after all, maybe that's all, simple balancers swinging between dreams and the abyss, struggling not to fall or at least learning to get up every time we fail.