Moonlight: "Secret Love Affair"; Would you risk everything for an adventure?


Moonlight: "Secret Love Affair"; Would you risk everything for an adventure?

A passionate love story between a young pianist looking to make her dream come true and a woman in her forties.

* You're listening; Schubert: Fantasy in F minor, D. 940 - I. Allegro molto moderato - Maria Joao Pires & Huseyin Sermet

  • Title: 밀회 / Mil Hoe
  • Genre: Romance
  • Episodes 16
  • String: jTBC March-2014 to 14 -May- 2014
  • Hours: Monday and Tuesday 21:50
  • Original Soundtrack: Secret Love Affair OST Could a 40-year-old woman throw away her earned career and marriage for an unlawful love affair with a 20-year-old student? Oh Hye Won worked her way up to becoming the planning director of the Seohan Arts Foundation after marrying Kang Hyung Joon, a piano teacher at Seohan High School of Music. After helping her husband discover a piano prodigy, who could help advance her husband's position within the music school, Hye Won begins an illicit relationship with the student, Lee Seon Jae. Will Hye Won and Seon Jae be able to risk everything to keep their romance banned?

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    from the first moment this was not going to be a drama we are used to seeing. With a mature, realistic and highly controversial story, it seems like we're watching a movie more than a drama.