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“Mitin Obrero” El primer mural que Siqueiros pintó en 1932 en Los Ángeles

“Mitin Obrero” El primer mural que Siqueiros pintó en 1932 en Los Ángeles

Originally published on 24/48

When his father is hospitalized, the nameless protagonist of Patricio Pronős My Father, Ghost is Climbing in the Rain goes on leave from his work at a German university and flies back to Argentina to be with his family. And as he waits for any news regarding his father's condition, he begins to follow his father's story and has been investigating. Dirty War (ca. 1974-1983) resurface, and the better he has come to understand his family, his generation and himself.

One of the more he reads, the more his distant memories of Argentina. first things that made an impression on me was the novel, flow, and the speed with which it moves. Pronounced masterfully plays with structure and text, creating a vivid and realistic stream of consciousness, which illuminates the inner workings of his protagonist mind. Some of his chapters are long, others short as a paragraph; in some, I have narrates events linearly, in others I have events through recurring loops of thought. This is a good fit for the protagonist state of mind. He is a man who has been self-medicating with psychoactive drugs and sleeping pills for the past eight years in order to forget his past, and as a result his mind and memory have been scrambled into a mess that begins to untangle as the work progresses .

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Here, I tip my hat to Mara Faye Lethem, whose top-notch translation seems to preserve the lyricism and flow of the original Spanish. Through my own translation experience, it is my understanding that every language flows differently from the others, and it is therefore rare to find a way to transmit a text that feels the same as the original. Professional translation goes far beyond simply finding equivalent words (although this alone can be difficult) and requires a translator to find ways to convey this lyricism from one language to the next. I am not a Spanish speaker myself, but I know enough to judge that there are all the hallmarks of an elegant translation here. Not only does it read well, it possesses a unique character that conveys both pron's style and the texture of his native Spanish. Given certain revelations during the epilogue, which I will refrain from disclosing, this preservation of style is essential to the book and to the author himself.

Altogether, this novel is a real gem. Patricio Pron has proven himself to master wordsmith who can manipulate a text's structure and flow with ease and confidence. My Father's Ghost is Climbing in the Rain is not only noteworthy work, but also one that possesses an insight into a generation that survived the Dirty War and must keep on living in its aftermath. Highly recommended.