"Ozú Myarma!" That is, as if we were a couple of Andalusians entering Burma, what we said at the end of the first day in this great country. We entered our country 28 without problems. In the first village, we go to the first cashier and this one gives us money to the first: 300,000 kyat, just over € 215 and more than any cashier in India who, whatever he says and promises what he promises, will only give 10,000 rupees or 140 €. The Indian rupees that we had left, we changed them in the same town at the right price without having to haggle. From that town, where we had a coffee with milk sitting on a terrace of luxury that neither in the Plaza Mayor of the exalcaldesa Ana Botella, we enjoyed a good road, practically empty, almost flat, silent (the contrast with India is, how to say, a clamor), with beautiful plantations, forests and shrubs on the sides. We cross small villages, all pichichi greets, smiling, everyone is relaxed. Many people are dressed in traditional clothes: curiously more, with their skirts

The mysterious palm trees that walk | Coyote
Some suggest that multiple roots allow the tree to be more stable in marshy areas, or when there is too much debris in the soil. This strange idea derives from the fact that scientists are unable to explain the strange roots like stilts of this tree.