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Martin Liberman

Martin Liberman

Our feminized cannabis seeds are specially cultivated to discard any type of male chromium. Humility was about knowing how to learn from and approaching people, not as a statistical figure, but as human beings. Those anonymous beings that make the country work day by day, the farmers, who give us food, factory workers, even the most unhappy, that of public employees. Both a story to finish and its predecessors: killing workers in a general rebellion, product of economic and social catastrophe. Casan, a public defender of the dictatorship, acted alongside the President as a symbol of democratic recovery.

Before the uprising of the exploited, we hear the same voices on the part of the regime's intellectuals and politicians , of the opposition and of the opposition: those who rebel are lumbar, "marginal," led by infiltrators, "because real workers never fight, they always stoically accept their fate. That is why it is not surprising that those who came to power claiming the rebellion of 2001, today face their protagonists with the same methods as the repressors of that time. The FIT should call on all parties and organizations to discuss a common balance and a joint action plan.

Rulers and opponents have joined together since 2002 to present the unbalanced economic rebound of the past decade as a rebuilding of the system. In the midst of a headless ruling group, the disintegration of the country accelerates, with the clusters of the avant-garde, confronting each other in an attempt to exit all at the same time through a door too narrow that no one knows where gives. Joaquín Martínez reported that as of 2009 he gradually phased out drugs and began to learn about the benefits of marijuana.

Just as the Venezuelan government does and should make every effort to maintain the best possible relationship with the marijuana. Colombian President Juan Santos, all the more must do it in relation to the Kirchner family, susceptible as any to pressures of different order. It was thus as in autoflowering seeds September last year began the cultivation, however his plans to begin with the production of marijuana oil vanished, when in February of this year carabineros of the OS-7 of Puerto Montt seized 77 plants that had in a greenhouse on the family farm.

Making the bricks > Molds, in general wood The mixture to place the adobe on the wall is the same as the one used to make them. Observation is necessary, however, the quality of the bricks (more or less resistance) will result from the quality of the land.

We repudiate the hypocrisy of Capitalism that savagely pursues the consumer, - who can not always free himself from his addiction and is a victim, - as if he were the worst of criminals, while capitalism and administrators the Bourgeois State, rub shoulders with the big traffickers and whittle their profits. I want my case to go to trial and the court to say that marijuana, which is illegal in Chile, can be used for medicinal purposes and save lives.

Participants of Cannabis Social Clubs are older users who were previously consumed with diseases for which the International Association for Cannabis as a Medication (AICM) considers cannabis beneficial. The viability of the Cannabis Social Clubs is demonstrated by the experience of more than ten years of associations belonging to the FAC and in particular by the filing of the case against the Pannagh association of 2006 and the acquittal of the President of Ganjazz Art Club (Gipuzkoa) in 2009, which supports the associative dynamics of this type of initiatives.

In this Spannabis we have made it possible for you to feel at home and enjoy 100% of the best cannabis fair of the world, contributing our grain of sand another year to this great fair. Yes http://www.lamarihuana.com/2-temporada-de-la-serie-abuela-rosa-capitulo-1-la-receta/ which highlighted the presence of several state agencies that participated actively as lecturers. Sanguinetti argued that Mujica was not arrested by the dictatorship but by the judges of democracy.

Although Eva Seeds attended the fair knowing that the sale of seeds was not allowed, we felt obliged to attend and support this edition. Many thanks to those who participated in our contest, those who lent themselves to take a photo, and to those who next year will try the varieties of EVA SEEDS. Nowadays there is a great revolution in medical cannabis, knowing more and more the virtues of each variety.