Ludrica Vitae | Chained Poetry

Ludrica Vitae | Chained Poetry

Ludrica Vitae | Chained Poetry

A path to be learned

to learn something

and discover the crouching.

A silent pulse of the divine within of the soul.

Before the dark roads of life.

Before those dead ends.

First of all, that, be my light. >

Sometimes I wrap myself around,

But I love rediscovering myself.

I am like this. Complicated

and sometimes funny

hateful and lovable

Cold and hot.

So clear and straightforward, how confused and lost.

Brave and cowardly if he touches.

Pure laughter and broken crying.

An interesting and absurd crazy

Creative, sensitive, hard.

That is to be alive my way.

But if you decide to enter me,

You will also feel alive.

You will become my unpredictable catáfora.

Superb Fairy-wren promiscuity to blend of mixed color and song signals
Strategic neighborhood sex > Males may seek hook-ups outside the matrimonial unit as a way to have more offspring. A female's long hours at the nesting incubator may also provide an opportunity to father more chicks.

I do not worry about how you came to me.

I just enjoy you.

be an Angel.

Or you will never come to love me,

in a climate of trust,

even if you have fallen. it is human pain, but letting yourself sink by suffering, that is different.

But give me the grace to learn to receive

The grace to let me love as a reflection of your love .

Fear is a disease ,

When I sleep and dream of you,

But above all things,

when you wake up I am your primitive Caliban,

enslaved by the presence

litmus and spiritual

After the recurring death

I perceive a priceless risk.

> Where I see shadows,

You make me see the light,

For there are only shadows there

where there is some light


Let's begin to be what we really are.

Let yourself be carried away by this vulnerable soul that begs

for the day to have a few more hours of light.