Luz de Luna: Review Movies: "Forgive me if I call you love"

Luz de Luna: Review Movies:

Luz de Luna: Review Movies: "Forgive me if I call you love"

I saw some time ago the Italian version of the adaptation of this book by Federico Moccia, and could not pass the chance to see the adaptation of it here in my land, in Spain. Come see what I thought. * You're listening; Forgive if I call you love

  • Premiere ; June 20, 2014
  • Language ; Spanish

SYNOPSIS ; Alex, a young advertising executive, has it all: he's attractive, intelligent and brilliant, but he has not yet reached the emotional stability he craves. When his girlfriend rejects his marriage proposal, his idyllic existence begins to crumble. At that moment, it breaks out in her life like a gale Niki, a young student who not only manages to seduce and enamor him, but gives a total turn to his life.

Daniele Liotti Paloma Bloyd


MY OPINION; I'm already hereiiiiiii ... hahahaha, not a man who I do not come to distribute firewood today, well maybe just a little ... jujuju

I'll start by saying that the book "Forgive if I call you love "I tried to read it, I swear I tried, but I ended up abandoning it in the middle. I was bored very much, to see that practically the protagonist was an unbearable girl, that more than 17 years seemed to have 10, and the male protagonist looked rather bland, not to mention the secondary ones that I repeat that Federico Moccia must have some trauma, which it does not allow you to write and create a marriage partner to do well in your marriage. It is worth every couple is a world, but son of there, that everyone wants to put the horns, and goes a stretch ... hahaha

Interpreted in the Italian version by Raoul Bova and Michela Quattrociocche, we are immersed in a forbidden love story, forbidden by the great age difference of the protagonists and what they will say.

As I say the version Italian I liked it a lot, so when I heard that the Spanish version would be made, I trembled with fear at the thought of seeing Mario Casas again on it. (For anyone from abroad, Mario Casas here is even in the soup, most repeated in movies and series that the films go hahaha) (and actor that I do not like anything by the way) and protagonist of the Spanish adaptation of "Three meters above the sky" and "I have desire of you" other books by the same author.

p> So I prayed a rosary to the virgin, and I put stamps, so that the heavy one does not come out, and it seems that they listened to me because they do not see the hair, (bieeen) anyway impossible that it was the protagonist MUAJAJAJAJAJAJA < / p>

So focusing on the Spanish version, then that we have Niki, a crazy girl of 17 years who lives as anyone of her age, without worries, wanting to eat the world with her friends "The Waves"

Six weeks in India
Sometimes two families come together, about 10 people, and rent a house of 20 or 30 square meters, but this is almost a luxury. They divide the plastics by qualities, cut them, clean them, dry them, melt them, shape them and return them to carry.

Instead Alex, is an already mature and experienced man in life. To his 37 is publicist and the life has given him enough blows, reason why no longer has the same illusion of before by the things and to live in general. All your life is your job.

At least others do save their performances and do not generate chaos hahaha

The romance has been pretty good, the protagonists have very beautiful scenes, but I have not felt the feeling that the actors had the Italian version, I think they have been somewhat colder and have not made me get so much into the story, but despite this I say that it is a very nice relationship, see how she teaches him to carefree and live the life that he felt bored and lost.

What I have loved about this version is the way to be shot, clearly has a lot more quality than the Italian version, and the scenery is very neat, it is beautiful, as is the general assembly of the movie. His complete soundtrack to English and Spanish has also been a welcome surprise.

So concluding, "Forgive me if I call you love" is a romantic, very romantic drama about difficulties and love story of a mature man with a young girl, and that life is different according to the glass with which you look. I can not decide which version I liked the most because I liked both (although the Spanish bored me a little during the first few minutes until the story took off), so as each one has its own charm, I recommend you to see both and that I comment what is your favorite :)