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The Royal Spanish Academy says that intentional is synonymous with deliberate, something that is done on purpose. And maybe, after reading the title of this article, you wonder what all this has to do with friendship. A lot!

Some time ago I discovered that given the nature of the times we live: long distances, many occupations and responsibilities, friendships unwittingly are neglected or completely abandoned. I've even heard some say "there's no time for that".

That's where the word intentional comes in. Friendships, if we want them to be deep and of quality, need that we dedicate time to them; that by the way let's look for space to share and connect to a level beyond the text message or the occasional phone call.

I have a friend who has taught me a lot about it. Maybe because she is a life coach (or personal mentor) or because she is simply passionate about everything about cultivating friendships. We live 42 miles away (67 miles). That's a lot! And if we add the traffic factor, then the distance might seem longer. In fact, with normal traffic it takes us 50 minutes to travel. However, that has not been an obstacle to cultivating our friendship. Each month we make time to get together, even once, and go out together to eat. Those two, three hours are a blessing. And I know that I speak for both.

Now, we are not only intentional in making time to see ourselves, we are also in supporting ourselves, in asking ourselves how I can pray for you, what projects you have for this week. She is one of those friends who brings me to God and helps me to grow.

It's also wise to choose friends who will help you become your best version. Someone who prompts you to achieve your goals, is interested in your dreams, and that when you achieve them, be joyful with you genuinely. A friend who when you get discouraged, pray for you and help you look at things from another angle. And of course, the same in the opposite direction; that is to say, to be those kind of friends.

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You know? Women are a little complicated in this respect too. A true friendship is free from jealousy, competition. A friendship in God's way is one in which we act in all sincerity . I like to say it like this: it is a relationship in which I can be myself without fear of rejection or how the person will take every word or act on my part. And of course, if conflicts arise, we seek to solve them. From experience I know that the longer we leave it, the more difficult it becomes.

Over the years I have also discovered that maybe we will not have many friends like that, but if we want some, or if we already have to be intentional and caring for the relationship.

Friendship was God's idea ; he called Abraham friend, and Jesus calls us friends. I believe that a full and abundant life is also one where we truly enjoy friends. Let's do our part to be intentional friends.

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