Recipe To Make Chicken Jerky For Pets

It has been some time since I last heard about the toxic cecina awards imported from China, which since the year 2007 have sickened thousands of dogs and killed more than 1 000 hairy family members.

According to the JAVMA press release, in June 2016: "Dogs still get sick after consuming jerky, however, reports of diseases have declined."


Dogs STILL get sick! If, like me, you've followed this mess for the past 9 years, I'm sure you'll be as angry and frustrated as I am. >

The Most Recent FDA Update

In mid-May, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has posted an update on its research in curs or (essentially useless) about the issue.

Since the FDA began seeking answers in 2007, by the end of 2015, the agency has received more than 5,000 complaints of illnesses caused by the awards chicken, duck, or sweet potato made with ingredients imported from China. These complaints involve over 6,200 dogs, 26 cats and 3 people (including 2 small children).

Tragically, more than 1 100 of the 6 200 dogs eventually died after consuming contaminated rewards. FDA's investigation into suspect prize samples revealed the existence of illegal waste from several antibiotics that were not approved for use in poultry.

in the U.S. These include sulfaclozine, tilmicosin, trimethoprim, and enrofloxacin, in addition to the approved sulfaquinoxaline drug to be used.

To clarify - although some of the drugs that the FDA discovered, are approved for use in poultry in this country, the residues of the drugs should not be detectable in food poultry. That's why waste is described as "illegal." As expected, neither the FDA nor the award-makers believe that illegal drug waste was what caused the disease and many deaths. pets.

As usual, there are no Awards Marks listed

The FDA provides this usual and confusing advice to pet owners in their most recent update: "The agency continues to warn pet owners that pet cecina awards are not necessary for a balanced diet, and encourages them to consult their veterinarian if they notice symptoms in their pets, such as such as decreased appetite and activity, vomiting, diarrhea (sometimes with blood or mucus), increased water intake and / or urination.

Most complaints involve chicken cecina (awards, pieces, and strips), but others include duck, sweet potato , and prizes where e cecinas of chicken or duck are wrapped with nuts, sweet potatoes, yams, or raw hides.

It is no surprise that, in its most recent updates the American Association of Veterinarians (AVMA), and the FDA list the specific awards that continue to make dogs sick.

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In early 2013, once the names were made public, followed by a detection of illegal drug residues, Nestlé Purina and Del Monte voluntarily retired the cecina awards.

Sin However, a year later they were back in the shops. In January 2014, NBC News:

"Two of the top-selling pet cecina awards will soon return to stores in the United States, one year after there would be a commercial retreat at the national level, and without government experts being close to solving the mystery that has linked these products with hundreds of animal deaths and thousands of diseases. "

In February 2014, Nestlé Purina reinstated its Waggin 'Train prizes still made in China, and the following month, Del Monte returned to market its prizes.

Del Monte claims that Milo's Kitchen chicken strips and their Chicken Grillers Recipe awards are made from "meat originating in the United States"; and Nestlé has announced that in addition to its prizes from China, it will also introduce "new products coming from the entire United States."

Concerned pet owners, animal advocates and veterinarians were not happy to see these prizes again in stores, as there is really no information about the changes, if the pet award makers made them into their products.

These awards could either not to continue to cause dogs to get sick, but certainly never would recommend u to my pets.

Why Risk Health Your Pet, When Developing Your Own Pet Cecina Awards is So Easy?

If you have a pet, please do not buy or give prizes for chicken cecina, chicken pieces, chicken strips or chicken awards made in China. Buy only foods and prizes that come from and are made entirely in the United States.

Better yet, why risk your pet's health with prizes bought in stores, when it's so easy to make award prizes. homemade chicken cakes All you need is a basic dehydrator and a pack of organic chicken breasts from free range chickens, to prepare jerky totally natural and sure that your pets will love.