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Excursion Into Philosophy by Edward Hopper

Excursion Into Philosophy by Edward Hopper

1. Name: Yuh

2. Birthday:
July 28

3. Place of birth:

4. Type of blood: Type A

5. Point of Charm:
The tattoo of the neck

6. Favorite color:

7. Favorite food:
Sushi and meat (with Tsugumi Suzuki)

8. Food you do not like:
Mushrooms and crustaceans

9. Favorite drink:
Cola and Mountain Dew (it's a carbonated drink)

10. Drink that you do not like:
Bitter coffee

11. Favorite subject:
Music and physical education

12. Subject you do not like:

13. Funny memories of elementary school:
Farewells due to my memory loss

14. Funny memories of high school:
I do not know because of my memory loss

15. Funny memories of the institute:
Dark age

16. What club did you belong to
Soccer, tennis, light music

17. What makes you happy to put in your bento
Flesh (face)

18. Your favorite season and the reason:
I like Kyoto autumn

19. Current Obsession: Adidas vs. Jeremy

20. What is your favorite household chore (Clean, wash, cook)?
Any X

21. What is the homework you do not like (Clean, wash, cook)
Any X

22. Obsessive Household Tasks (Clean, Wash, Cook):
I do not have any

24: A gesture that pleases women:
If my eyes meet the eyes of a super beautiful woman

25. A word that you want to tell women:
All expressions of love

26. A region where you would like to live and reason:
Anywhere in Europe, I would anyway like the urban landscape

27. Acquisition recent:
A guitar that I asked to do

28. Something (a mistake) of what you regret having bought and the reason:
I do not know because there probably are many

29. What do you buy without thinking when you go to a convenience store? Ayataka (a brand of green tea produced by the Coca-Cola Company)

30. Favorite area of ​​the house:
The place where a lot of guitars are

31. Hiragana favorite ※ If you have any reason:

32. Kanji favorite (or composition of kanjis, idiomatic compounds of four characters):
Gekokujou (下 剋 上) (juniors mastering seniors) is great

33. Something lucky that happened to you recently:
I win often in the lottery

34. Recent unfortunate event:
The rain that just stopped this morning

35. Remedy when you are depressed: Sleep

36. What you cook best:
Types of pasta ​​p>

37. Kitchen you want your girlfriend to do:
All kinds of delicious food

38. Please make an appointment plan for Tanabata:
Awakening - & gt; Bath - & gt; Go to the place where we want to go on a motorcycle - & gt; Back - & gt; Food - & gt; Bath - & gt; etc ...

Imagen> Carolina Sevilla  Ojo de Maria Luisa Cardona
Imagen> Carolina Sevilla Ojo de Maria Luisa Cardona

40. What is the best way to spend your birthday?
This year there was a concert, so it was fun

41. What was the best and most fantastic of your birthdays
This year there was a concert, so it was fun.

42. Christmas memories (the best):
I never spent Christmas alone.

43. Christmas memories (the painful):
There is no sad Christmas

44. Of those you want to love? Of those who want to be loved
If it does not come from both sides, you are not satisfied

45. Restriction type:
Sometimes I am restrictive and others are not.

46. To what extent would you say OK to your partner?
I do not know if you do not tell me at the moment

47. Your experiences so far:
Go to the hide museum reception, burn in the studio and Izakaya (a kind of bar where they serve food to accompany drinks) p> 48. Work that was a fun experience:
It was too easy on Izakaya

49. Work that was a hard experience:
There was tension in the workplace

50. Are the fingers clever / clumsy?
I think I'm skillful

51. Pet:
2 rabbits, 1 dog

52. What kind do you want to raise one day?
A tiger and a borzoi (also called a Russian wolf dog)

53. The first CD you bought: Lenny Kravitz's Rock And Roll is Dead

54. The first concert you went to:
Dome of X and YoyogiDaiichi of hide

55. The first song you copied:
Songs like Number 53

57. The last CD you bought:

58. The last concert you went to:

59. What do you do on vacation?
I sleep, watch DVDs and play video games

60. What do you do if you have a week off?
I'm going on a vacation abroad

61. What are the three things that would take you to a desert island?
A woman who makes delicious food, a skilled woman and a woman with skills to survive

strong> 62. Max you've slept so far:
I do not know, but about 16 hours

63. Do you dream often
Somehow I dream of my teeth

64. Have you ever dreamed about the other members? (What kind of dream was it?)
Lately I dream that vistlip is separated

65. Favorite movie:
Of those in which someone seeks a better life

66. Favorite TV Shows:
Variety shows or urban legends

67: If you were in a drama, what would your role be?
Of the simple and strong but who secretly manipulated the whole world

68. Something fun that happens during a concert:
Umi doing turtle

69. A few words to your self from seven years ago:
Not good if not sold

70. A few words to fans of seven years ago:
Even after seven years, today I love you the same way


71. Who is the most hesitant member when speaking?
Umi - & gt; He says it himself

73. The most gourmet member. On the contrary, the member who does not care what to eat:
Tomo. And the one that does not pay any attention is Tohya

74. Among the possessions of the members, what is the object you envy most?
Tomo's mansion (refers to large house)

75. The member who talks the most in dreams:
I do not know !!

76. Before the concerts, who is the most nervous member?

77. Then, lastly ... Who is the member who loves vistlip?
All members love it

Preparing Your Garden for Warmest Weather
I chose this substrate because I am one of those who throw too much water on the plants or I forget to do it when I touch them. Give your garden back to life This is my favorite part! I love picking new plants for the garden and for planting in pots too.