Clipping Magic: instantly delete the online image background

Clipping Magic: instantly delete the online image background

Clipping Magic: instantly delete the online image background

Only Clipping Magic offers you the best of both worlds : red / green marks to quickly separate using our own algorithm (the best in its category) and a scalpel for cuts that require precision, which allows to perform operations extremely fast with excellent results in any image.

Ingenious user interface with fast results in your edits. Did you get tired of waiting several seconds to see what the effect of your edits will be? We also do, so we make sure that the application always updates images quickly.

The smart algorithm makes the most of the information you give, minimizing the amount of work you need to enter. Some images only require a few movements.

Move and Zoom are useful for moving and zooming in or out of the image wherever necessary to quickly inspect the details and move it.

Undo / Redo - Never fear that a mistake will ruin your work.

Automatically save : You'll never lose your edits, you'll never have to deal with backups.

Configurable automatic size brush : The brush size dynamically adapts to the zoom level so you can easily zoom in and make detailed edits. Do you prefer not to zoom in? No problem, you can set the size of the brush to your liking.

Refine the edges gives you complete control over smoothing, fading, and scrolling.

Special Hair Tool separates hair from simple and complex backgrounds.

Up to 8 megapixels : Compatible with images up to 8 megapixels.

Plants and Flowers, plants species: June 2012
Its perennial foliage remains attractive throughout the year and its spring flowers are nothing short of beautiful. Phlox subulata forms shallow roots and its horizontal stems light easily so its common name creeping Phlox.

Color Control - Adjust brightness, shadows, lighting, temperature, and color saturation to give life to dull pictures. Adjust white balance of dyed pictures.

Color Dye Removal - Manage the foreground tint of gray or non-white backgrounds while protecting the actual colors of the foreground with this unique feature.

Rotate / Straighten - Make sure your photos are aligned correctly. Turn them in 90-degree steps or adjust the angle of rotation to achieve an optimal result.

Cut and Adjust Size - Clipping Magic offers you a truly professional-quality cutting function. Set a specific aspect ratio or pixel size. Clipping Magica will automatically adjust the image to its result, with adjustable margins in pixels or percentages, aligning the result vertically and taking into account the shadows. Produces uniform results.

Shadows can really enhance a picture, making the subject stand out on the page. Clipping Magic offers you a complete shadow creator with oval shadows, direct shadows, reflections and parallel shadows.

Background Color - Leave the background transparent or give it the solid color you want.

Configurable default settings - Set the default options to get the correct results every time without having to change the adjustments for each image.

Copy and Paste Brands so you do not have to redraw when trimming strings.

Crop to volume - Quickly and easily crop any number of images.

Precise : Precise the image to take better advantage of the size limit so that only what is left counts toward its limit.