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Schweinebraten Olivenoelsauce

Schweinebraten Olivenoelsauce

When we are not living out of a suitcase we are armchair travelers. It's the easiest of getaways requiring no more preparation and planning than opening a book's cover (or flipping a switch and downloading, for those techie's out there).

We have often found that our favorite books are not those we have selected, but those that have been recommended to us by friends. So I've asked a few blogosphere friends to make some recommendations ... novels, guidebooks, essays, poetry ... whatever they think would make an armchair getaway in 2012. Here's what they suggest:

Outdoor Adventure Travel

TITLE: "Lost Angel Walkabout: One Traveler's Tales" Recommended by: Dick Jordan, San Anselmo, California.

About this collection of travel narratives, Dick wrote, "Linda's travels have taken her on a wide path across much of the globe. One of the reasons I've enjoyed her book is that I have actually ventured - albeit as a less adventurous traveler - to several of the places she writes about in Alaska, Arizona, the British Virgin Islands, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Montana and Wyoming.

Freelance travel writer Dick Jordan, when not on the road, makes his home in Northern California. He writes one of our favorite travel blogs, Tales Told From the Road

TITLE: "The Lost Explorer: Finding Mallory on Mount Everest,"

AUTHORS: Conrad Anker and David Roberts (Simon and Schuster, 2001)

in> Recommended by: Niki Sepsas, Birmingham, Alabama and the High Seas

Schweinebraten Olivenölsauce
Schöner noch als Bleigiessen Ölflecken giessen

The Greek Connection

TITLE: "Greece on My Wheels

Edward Enfield (Summersdale Publishers, 2003)



"This book could only have been written by an Englishman ... for two reasons," Bill wrote, "One that the humor is archetypal English and two, I doubt if any other nationality but the English would be daft enough to have undertaken this adventure. "

North Yorkshire, England is home-base for Bill Kitson who has brought detective Mike Nash to life in a series of nail-biter crime novels; hold Loutro, Crete close to their hearts as well.

By coincidence, another blogosphere friend, Jeffrey Siger, shares the Kitson's love of Greece and by further coincidence, writes about murder as well. He shares a blog with seven other writers around the world so he was unable to suggest only one book - he says head over the world with the books of those with whom he shares the blog, Murder is Everywhere :

Jeffrey Siger gave up a New York law practice to move tothe island of Mykonos, Greece where he has given life to Inspector Andreas Kaldis Afghanistan from the Armchair in a series of murder mysteries set in Greece TITLE: Born Under A Million Shadows (St Martin's Griffin, 2010)

> AUTHOR: Andrea Busfield

RECOMMENDED BY: Suzi Butcher, London

we are unlikely to be able to travel to ourselves - like Afghanistan! I especially like this novel as it is filled with gentle humor, despite the obvious tragedy of the current situation. Suzi Butcher

Suzi Butcher

/ strong> is the publisher of Packabook Travel Novels a great website to both browse and buy books and a related blog > that showcases novels and novel destinations. And just one More ...

TITLE: Book Lust To Go

strong> Recommended Reading for Travelers, Vagabonds and Dreamers . (Sasquatch Books, 2010)

Nancy Pearl was the librarian at Seattle's Public Library; famous for her love of books and reading. She gave rise to the program, "If All Seattle Read the Same Book" which caught on in cities throughout the United States.

Note: I've added links on the titles which will take you to Amazon for each of the books recommended. There you will find more description and reviews. If you purchase from one of these links we make a few cents, but that is not our intent. This post is meant to provide new armchair itineraries. Thanks to those who contributed suggestions - may you all have safe and satisfying journeys in 2012.

YOUR TURN! What armchair itinerary do you want to add to this list?

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