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Nene Consentido

Nene Consentido

The Fairy Tattoos are small and delicate. The fairies are part of the culture of fantasy and magic. They are the symbol of everything we dream that is impossible can become reality. They are mythical beings that have been taken by many for films and books.

Fairies according to Greek mythology are protective of nature in the form of beautiful women. On the other hand in the medieval era they were invoked for spells since they were knowledgeable of the herbs and words suitable for the eternal beauty and the accumulation of riches. Another type of fairy is that of Cantabrian mythology, whose characteristics are that of large breasts and unattractive appearance that change for your convenience.

Different types of fairies

Tattoos of Lamias : from Basque mythology, some resembled sirens. They comb their hair with gold combs.
Tattoos of Nymphs : from Greek mythology that unfolded in many forms like the Nereids who lived in the Mediterranean sea or the Dryads who lived in the woods.
Tattoos of Sílfides : they are beings of the air and the winds
Tattoos of Salamanders : they are those that reign in the fire
Tattoos of Drinfas

Fairy and moon fairy tattoo

Fairy tattoos and their meaning

Fairies are magical and many identify with their magical meaning. Its name comes from the Latin "fatum" or "destiny" its forms varied, but its charm is unique, we are all attracted to them. They are as old as the land itself, it is said that at first, the fairies went to the places of birth to protect the baby and give him a gift.

Some girls could use it to demonstrate their sensuality, their mysticism, their inner child or their innocence. There are many styles to choose from, so you have to check very well the type of fairy you want and the colors you will use.

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fairy tattoos on the leg

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