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Victor Chacòn alumnus

Victor Chacòn alumnus

As I announced a few days ago, on December 13, with good friends Aida and Daniel, from the space for the Dragonfly, we set up on a boat a series of paintings, a cooler full of beer and a improvised loudspeaker. The idea was to turn Lake Petén Itzá, source of life of the petenero town and I suppose also, source of inspiration for the Mayan civilization.

Without entering into environmentalist radicals or political banners, I prepared to paint a series of pictures that would serve as a pretext for approaching a young and childish audience and why not? Talk about what is important: "Protect our nature".

What surprised me most was the support of several people, who simply helped to develop the activity in several ways. The gentleman who distributes newspapers in the area, lent us his loudspeaker, our dear friend Lorena Castillo lent us a boat, the friends of the Hotel Camino Real supported us inviting all their guests and even lending us a car battery so that the speaker could work . TAG or Transportes Aéreos Guatemaltecos supported us to transport the work to the Petén. The friends of the Hotel Maya International had a cocktail ready, just like the people at Raices Restaurant. In short, so much support from the heart, only gives us an idea: "Humanity preserves the good feeling and causes as the protection of our natural resources is latent in the hearts of the good inhabitants of the planet."

exhibition gave us a 360 degree turn to our battered city minds, as the experience of fresh air, water splashing and baptizing each painting and the public's response, which was not expected, gave us splendid satisfactions.

We do not change the world of art, we do not do something front-page, but what we live navigating that Mayan vein, was a real gift of life. The show was made up of magical characters who protected nature, from crocodiles to tatas and ancestral nanas. Animals and mythological beings, who look at us behind the bushes and guide our actions.

13 crocodile tears, it was a pictorial play full of friendly gestures that reached its destination. We hope to be the first of many similar activities that open the possibilities for dialogue with communities in different areas of the country, especially because art allows this approach and an open dynamic where everyone can express themselves.

Through this space I want to thank all the people who supported in one way or another so that we could make this surreal journey to the center of the Mayan world.
Thank you Dragonfly, Gracias Petén.

The last stop, at sunset, with cocktail in Raíces restaurant.

Manolita Flowers
Other names with which it is known are: common laurel, of the palo, laurel American paleo or laurel of the kitchen, the rustic . The common laurel is an evergreen dioecious tree 5-10 m high, straight trunk with gray bark and dense, dark crown.

Speaking with the loudspeaker.

The kids at the auction watching the play.

In the small beach "El Chechenal" near an archaeological site.

The exhibit was anchored at lunchtime. The boy in the green shirt told us that "he was one of the guardians of the Lake". While a Santa Clos distracted the public in the central park of San Jose.

Oppening in the Camino Real.

Aida "la galerista" and Carmen "El Capitan del Barco" setting up the work.

Working on the construction of the work at the Hotel Camino Real.

On the way to the montage of paintings.