Preparing Your Garden for Warmest Weather

Spring is here! You know what that means: flower shoots, bees through the air, and clear the garden at all in its heyday after the raw winter storms. Here are some tips to list your garden and the patio of your house for spring.

1. Clean and Prune

First make sure you sweep and remove debris that is left behind after winter. I like to use an electric leaf blower to make the job easier. Then collect the leaves and put them in large bags. My son Kai and I have been doing this over the past weekends and after school. Tip: Do not pretend to do all the cleaning work on a weekend. If you do it little by little it will be easier and less stressful for you.

2. Give your garden back to life

This is my favorite part! I love to choose new plants for the garden and to plant in pots too. Kai and I already went to the local hardware store to choose the plants that will give color to the patio of the house.

We planted sunflowers in pots that will give a cheerful touch of color to the terrace in our house. For that, we fill the pot up to 1/3 with Miracle-Gro® Moisture Control® Potting Mix, we put the flowers in it, we add more of the substrate of earth and we water it with much water. I chose this substrate because I am one of those who throw too much water on the plants or I forget to do it when I touch them. Miracle-Gro® Moisture Control® Potting Mix protects them from over watering or insufficient watering.

In the latter case, each guest should serve the garnish to their liking on the gazpacho already in their individual dish or bowl. In addition to the red and white gazpachos there are other, called green, that are typical of Sierra Morena and Sierra de Huelva.

As a finishing touch, remember to spread coveralls or mulch throughout your garden. My plants always benefit from this as it helps them retain the moisture they need to grow healthy and help prevent weeds.

4. This post was sponsored by Scotts

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