Fotobirding in Sant Adrià de Besòs

Marina Martínez

Marina Martínez

Photos Day of banding in El Besòs on 09/10/2016: Serinus serinus. Greencillo. Gafarró. European Serin.

Banding directed by: Xavier Larruy

Marina Martínez
Marina Martínez @Maaarinamf

It is the smallest of the fringílidos, measures about 11-12 cm. The feathers in the adult male are greenish, with darker striae, in the areas of the dorsum, the wings and the tail, as well as the inside of the head and the sides. The forehead is yellowish in color, as are the eyebrows and some of the neck, as well as the throat, chest and obispillo, although in this area the tonality is more vivid. The females are a little smaller and the color of their plumage is not so bright. They lack, for example, the yellow tones, and the back is brownish, with the chest and the central zone grayish. (WIKIPEDIA)

Note: Banding is a marking technique for the study of wild birds, which consists of placing a metal ring, usually aluminum, on the leg of a live bird. This ring is printed with a return address, which identifies the ring station where the data is centralized, one or more digits characteristic of the ring size and a different number for all rings of the same model and station. The banding data for all birds bearing rings of a given remittance are stored in the corresponding center, so that different aspects of the bird's life can be studied thanks to the possibility of rediscovering the same individual. These aspects range from migration, longevity, mortality, population studies, feeding behavior and several others.

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