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New book "100 Aves de Lima y Alrededores"

The book "100 Aves de Lima y alrededores" by Alejandro Tabini and Juan Pedro Paz-Soldán was launched. Look for it in Liberoles Crisol, Zeta Bookstore, Ibero (in Larco, Larcomar and Diagonal), the Viceroy and in SBS of Larcomar.

Illustrated with high quality photos, "100 Aves de Lima y Alrededores" has descriptions accurate to identify the most common birds in parks, wetlands, beaches and the sierra de Lima. The book took 2 years of research, editing and the photographic work of the authors.

At a cost of less than S / 50 ($ 15), the book is an original gift for children, adolescents and adults with curiosity by nature and for those who are fond of walks or walks.

Article about Arenilla, La Punta ​​h3>

/ p> Ecomundo has an interesting article about the coastal wetland of the Arenilla, a space where with the support of AvesdeLima and the bank HSBC, signs were installed for birds in the area.

A book "Birds of Peru" is published by T Schulenberg et al

After 30 years since the authors proposed to start this effort , Birds of Peru by Thomas Schulenberg, Douglas F. Stotz, Daniel F. Lane, John P. O'Neill & amp; Theodore A. Parker III. With more than 300 sheets of careful illustrations of more than 1800 species of birds, descriptions of their appearance and their song, this work becomes an essential tool for bird watchers who live or visit Peru. In an interview in RPP radio, the Spanish edition of this book is announced during 2008.

What books do I buy? has photos of more than 140 species of birds in the department of Lima, designed for those who start birdwatching or birding.

i> in Peru. This website is visited annually by more than 100,000 people. AvesdeLima ranks among the 20 most visited bird sites in the world.

Oltra Mirada
Not of great quality given that he did not carry a tripod, camera, or target for macro. Brown -, in which signs of worship of Masons and "Rosicrucians" are also visible.

Peru is the second most diverse bird country in the world: we have more than 1800 species that represent 20% of the total species of birds in the world. Throughout the department of Lima including high seas you can see more than 300 species.

The parks of Lima have about 25 species and a beginner will have fun for several weekends to see and identify them all. Bird watching can be done in a family, as a couple or only. We started this hobby with family and in 2003 I started this website to facilitate access to information of birds that live in Lima. With the installation of signs in some parks and the publication of the book "100 Aves de Lima y Alrededores", information on birds for Lima is increased.

The species on the website are grouped by habitats such as parks, marshes, agricultural valleys, beaches and high seas. The Reference section has useful information (complete lists by zones, links).

I hope that the material included in AvesdeLima will help many people in Lima to start birdwatching.

Juan Pedro Paz-Soldán webmaster

News (Winter 2008)

Aves de Lima thanks its collaborating photographers for sending photos during 2008: Alejandro Tabini, Juan Liziola , Enrique Kindlimann, Javier Colmenares, Andrea Petit, Pedro Allasi and Eduardo Bucher.