My parachute

Once upon a time, the story of the most beautiful girl in the kingdom, her skin as white as snow, her cheeks and lips red as blood and her dark hair, like night.7 little dwarfs that accompanied him wherever he wanted that it was and made of it an imperfect perfection: Dormilón: He loved his bed above anything, it penetrated into his parallel world of dreams and fantasy, where he let his imagination fly, created and felt safe. I can swear that I have seen how she was happy in her, as her room has been the perfect bunker of salvation and refuge from all the evil of the outside, as her sheets could be called so to call paradise, as her pillow is a perfect allegory of its smell and how you wake up in it are the best way to face the day and everything that this you come. I am not mistaken if I assure that it possessed the quality of making that anyone who was in front of her wished to rest there and I do not speak just the bed, the most beautiful of the kingdom made living and sharing life with her was to live and share life in complete peace, made life with her was like being in a deep dream in which you dream that you are all that that you want to be, and I have known for quite a while that is what I want to dream every night of my life.

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But "Popemas" is much more than that, it has its very own entity, the band's most personal work so far, a true tour de force. This song was an instant hit in Spain, going beyond the indie circles to get popular among all kinds of people.