Succulent Plants: Aeonium tabuliforme

Orbea variegata

Orbea variegata

This is one of those plants that one buys to treat oneself. Still knowing that it will flourish, and we will remain without plants.

It is a plant that grows to the north of the island of Tenerife, its name derives from the crushed aspect that it has. It can reach 30 cms in diameter and is unique rosette.

I found it last year in a nursery and I could not resist. I've never seen it before in photos. And I have always believed that only Aeonium cultivars are sold. I always thought these plants are protected. I imagine seeds can be sown in nurseries and reproduced. As its acquisition has been recent I still remember the price € 10 the large pot. And the curious thing is that the nursery was in the North of Spain, which is exactly where you least expect to find these plants.

In the month of May began to prepare the floral rod that leaves from the center by what the plant once it has flowered it dies. It is a monocarpic plant. It has been losing its intense green color to yellowish green.

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And in turn it has been reducing in size, while the center was rising .

I hope your seed offspring is numerous. I think I'll do a sowing.

Its leaves are extraordinarily flat and are intercalated into one another forming a rosette of great beauty. It can also be reproduced by leaf cutting, like many other Crassulaceae, but for this the best time is before the plant begins to yellow and shrink.

The flowers are straw-green, to me they look nice, it makes me weird to see green flowers.

The link in case anyone wants to know more.