On the 13th, 14th and 15th of March we spent in the National Park of Monfragüe, a privileged environment from which we could enjoy the large group that was presented for this tour.

The best of Monfragüe? its layout allows us, following the marked paths, a large group can enjoy the view of many endangered species without disturbing them.

On the first day after arriving and settling we did that on the maps is marked as "green route" to Cerro Gimio. A viewpoint that allows a great view on the reservoir, the vultures that plan for the area, and the whole environment.

GC4APP1 Native Trees - The Traditional Cache in Portalegre, Portugal created by sisaoalado
The flower of this plant, usually appears at the time when there are strawberries , which gives the shrub a very beautiful look. In the flora we can easily get to live together, trees and shrubs of Atlantic and Mediterranean climates .

In the rivers of the area there are a lot of common toads, among which many people tried to find his prince.
At night we could enjoy a spectacular sky, accompanied by the song of the southern frogs of the nearby pond.

On the 14th we made the "red route" Castillo, a route during which black vultures and tawny vultures, alimoches ... almost within reach of the hand. In the castle they fly practically to the side, and later they will be seen in several of the rocks that appear to us to the sides of the way. We were also able to see kestrels, solitary rockets ... and many other birds

We also found many other animals on the way, like a small ocellated lizard, or several striking scorpions

p> On the last day we had to pack our bags and leave everything ready, and then we started with the "yellow route", a very short route that takes us to the viewpoint of the tajadilla, which puts us before a rock in which nest vultures and where we were fortunate to see a short-toed eagle