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Frases enamorados

Frases enamorados

A gremlin is a mythological creature of malevolent nature and popular in the Saxon tradition. The name gremlin comes from old English grëmian, which means "mortify or make you angry." It is also related to grim, which means "cut" and is rooted with the German term grämen, "to distress". They are always seen as cute "peluchitos" but when they arrive at midnight they become monstrous dolls without feelings and make their own to annoy their masters. Gremlins are popular as creatures capable of sabotaging machines of all kinds. This popular perception of the gremlins comes from a tale told among the English pilots of the Royal Air Force serving in the Middle East during World War II. The story tried to explain the frequent accidents that happened in their flights. It was commented that they were animals that destroyed everything, and it was a way to explain the falls of the airplanes, without needing to be attacked. It is also said that a Gremlin is the "bad alterego" of a person.

Among the Saxons, these beings are evil and harmful. They live in the workshops and smithies, since the antiquity they disrupt the places and the tools. They are specialists in doing evil things with such precision that nobody notices the damage until there is some irreparable accident. For example, they like to loosen rivets on the machines and spend the teeth of the mills.
In the remote villages, sometimes, they only settle for breaking toys and let the children carry the blame, or loosen the wires of the chicken coops so that the animals escape.
Why they do it? For fun. The anger of humans, even panic, is very funny to them, and the more the victim becomes angry, the more they will do.

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In these films the gremlins come in two phases: the "Mogwai", which would be the infant phase of these beings and are almost harmless, and the Gremlins, which are very dangerous. It is also said that there are three things that can not be done with a Gremlin or a Mogwai and that must be avoided at all costs so that everything goes well. The first is that they should not be given light directly, they hate it, they should not give them sunlight, they would kill them. The second is that you should never come into contact with water, because when they do to the mogwai you get hairy balls back and so it reproduces but these are not like original mogwai as they are more mischievous. But what should never be done with a Mogwai is to feed him after midnight, as they go from childish state (Mogwai) to adult (Gremlin) state enclosing a pupa, just like a butterfly.