The Iceberg Theory: June 2010

The Iceberg Theory: June 2010

The Iceberg Theory: June 2010

Today the sky cries for the defeat of the Coja. Answer, oh, Oracle of Dongcheng: Will Spain win the World Cup?
Niet. Spain, La Coja, will not win the World Cup.

Cruel gods of Olympus and Gibraltar! Why Spain will not win, the Coja, the World Cup?

By the cover today of the Marca. Calm down because we are still the best team in the world. They were unlucky: they created 9 chances. Conclusion: If you go like this for life, it is normal for you to fall like yesterday.

1. Winning a Euro Cup is not synonymous with winning the World Cup. Denmark and Greece also won the Euro.

2. For the Spanish fans, Spain had won the championship before even getting off the plane. How many followers of the Coja have come to me to say that Spain would win the World Cup because it has the best team? Many, countless. It is a surprising phenomenon, very quixotic.

3. Why will not Spain win this World Cup? Because if with all his artillery in the field can not score a goal to Switzerland, turn it off and let's go. They came to play the second part of the match Villa, Torres, Navas and Pedro together. And they did not score ...

Switzerland coach Ottmar Hitzfield put the game in the only possible way with a double line of defense. I was surprised by Hitzfield, and I think it was very risky, because he sacrificed to cover the climb of the rails to put more people of height in the area and thus to reduce the centers of Ramos and Capdevila. By the hair, but it went well.

Switzerland defended well. It has much, much merit. Stephane Grichting (team at Auxerre in France) and Steve von Bergen (at Hertha Berlin) stopped Villa, Torres, Pedro and Navas; with Xavi, Alonso and Iniesta passing balls.

5. Final warning: if Spain has not been able to with the alpine wall, seriously: better to go on holiday because in the eighth they will find the Yeti and the Himalayas.

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This World shows that Humanity has entered fully into the digital age. With few exceptions, the results table can be read as if it were a binary code: 1-0 0-1 0-0 1-1 ...

Selections are not known and in general matches are a lot of care. At the World Cup in Germany, there were no such mediocre results. You can check it here. If even Spain made a 4-0 win over Ukraine!

By the way, do you know that I was in the field when France eliminated in the eighth in Spain in the 2006 World Cup? I was very ashamed because the Spanish public whistled La Marseillaise in a massive way. I asked Beckenbauer at a press conference about the matter and released a blast that was picked up by many means.


For many, Spain-Switzerland was the first game to be seen in this World Cup. If you noticed, this World Cup stands out because the sponsors are 90% Asian. It is no longer just Japanese and Korean, Sony, KIA or Hyundai: if you stick well, on the billboards of the field appeared Chinese brands such as Harbin Beer, Yingli Solar and the Indian computer company Mahindra Satyam.

For me it was the most cruel image of the party of the Coja: Spain is still alleluia to its selection while Chinese, Indians and other towns of Asia eat the world. Neither the Chinese nor the Indians have qualified for the World Cup, but it is they who are financing the championship to a country like Spain, which has a 20% unemployment and the most productive it can offer is tourism, sports and much, much sport. Paradoxes of life ...

To date, the most colorful matches I've been to: New Zealand-Slovakia, Chile-Honduras and Spain-Switzerland and Germany-Australia.

Selections to follow:

1 . New Zealand: the only team of normal people. No tattoos, no macarril haircuts, no getting off the coach with the astronaut headphones ... People with whom you would drink a few good beers. And they do not play badly. As of today, NZ is my team.

2. Ivory Coast: team of hunters. Against Portugal was a carnage. To which I played Cr9, I kick you. They sneered at the dealer. I like it. They are hard and have quality. When Drogba entered the field, they opened up better in the lead. He smelled danger. I bet that Brazil and Côte d'Ivoire will pass to the eighth. Either team would eliminate Spain. I have no doubt.