Just An Instant - Xicana Chronicles

The medicine dancers say it
the grandparents say it
Nezahualcoyotl said it
> and those that do sacred sweats

The ones from the north say it
the ones from the south say it the eagle and the condor

and the blue hummingbird

We come to live we come to dance We come to sing We come to dance to live
on sacred Mother Earth
just here for an instant > We leave (at least) flowers
We leave (at least) songs ) We we leave (at least) songs

We sing our sacred songs our sacred danc is We leave (at least) songs

Who is Ted Cruz, the & quot; crazy bird & quot; who defeated Donald Trump?
The maneuver led to the closure of the government months later, in the absence of an approved budget. However, it is the opportunity for new players like Cruz steal media attention.

Like shooting stars
like the most beautiful flower
like a subtle breath

We come to live
just here on a short journey
just here for an instant br> on sacred Mother Earth