Toks chain promotes bird preservation in El Nido

MEXICO CITY, January 26, 2016 / PRNewswire / - In the midst of the 8 hectares that comprise the third largest aviary in the world, El Nido, located in the municipality of Ixtapaluca State of Mexico, was made the donation of two state-of-the-art incubators to help hatching bird eggs that will allow El Nido to improve incubation of eggs of various species by 30 to 40%.

The aviary caters for about 300 species , of which a good part is in danger of extinction, which add up to the 3,000 already existing; which are visited by students from various schools that can enjoy guided tours.

It is worth remembering that this was one of the first aviaries in the world to reproduce the emblematic Quetzal. (It currently has 12 copies). The site also holds exchanges on studies and specimens with countries such as the United States, China, Britain, Bolivia, Indonesia, among others.

The director general of the El Nido aviary, Jesús Astudillo Guerra, commented that thanks to the donation, acquired through the collection of diners in the Federal District and the metropolitan area, expect a good increase in the number of species that are reproduced in El Nido such as Quetzal, Caribbean Flamingo, Red Guacamaya, Aguirre Real ".

He asserted that they have the challenge of having more visitors, have more resources to care for birds and maintain a high percentage of bird births, having priority to have business support and official bodies, which he regretted, have been very complicated.

On the other hand, Gustavo Pérez Berlanga, Social Responsibility Director for Toks and Panda Express, thanked the collection and the support that all the diners showed during five months to get the donation of two incubators that helped that El Nido maintains

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