Take advantage of the stump of a tree to decorate and build

Boom Supersonic el avión más veloz que el Concorde

Boom Supersonic el avión más veloz que el Concorde

Large trees and other smaller trees, after large storms or be felled for whatever reason, leave a trail of wood. This is the perfect time to use firewood, branches, leaves or logs to recycle; and take advantage of the stump of a tree, to implant it as a decorative element.

How to take advantage of the stump of a tree Source: Kim Young-ah

With some creativity you will achieve perform many things, with these beautiful remains of natural wood. This noble material can be sanded, carved, painted and, thus, create furniture or include it inside the decoration, without having to move it.

Have you seen what a simple wooden stump can do? The idea is to build a table that, once assembled, the line between the furniture and the sculpture get blurred .

As the surface is practical and functional, you can eat, dine, have breakfast, etc.

that the board rests against the tree stump and the leg goes straight to the ground. Source: Kim Young-ah

Lussac and his team assembled this beautiful piece of furniture. A job that lasted eight months, but it was worth it.

China a un paso del teletransporte cuántico en el espacio

The team of renowned cabinetmakers and the artist himself created something fantastic.

Source: uconnladybug

Have you ever thought to remove the stump from the garden? think that you can achieve great elements of decoration with them. For example they can be used to make outdoor pots.

Do you like enchanted realms and fantasy worlds? You can achieve any landscape you set yourself on a stump. You can achieve beautiful houses or scenes with dolls. > Look at the amount of details that this beautiful house has, called "Gnome Home" Ideal for children to enjoy their charm. In fact, children can also help decorate these works art.

The objects that you have at home like wool, wire, ropes, scraps of cloth, sticks, crystals and other small ornaments will help you a lot. they can do in miniature, like the nice wreath of felt balls.

Source: themagiconions

Until a sign have been placed at the entrance, to welcome; a broom, a shovel, and even a sack of flour. This beautiful house for fairies and others, it's all cute. I love the fence and the white staircase that leads to the roof.

Everything has a very lively color thanks to the felt garland, the butterfly fixed on the wood and the grass. Also you can add moss to add an even more natural touch.

Make a fantastic indoor planter Source: notjustahousewife

Do you prefer to remove the stump? If you have to do this, the wood can be used at home. You can serve as a side table, as a seat or as an indoor pot with legs, in this case.

The remains of a tree can be used in thousand and a project, so do not waste it. As you see this beautiful flowerpot is great in interior and ideal for Nordic style spaces, in addition you can add some legs of the style you want.

Create an outdoor seat! Source: lushome

It really does not have too much work and looks great to enjoy the scenery, sitting. Of course, you must sand the seat and back very well to make everything smooth.

Use wood as a table Source: lushome

If your stump is relatively tall you could use it as a surface , to put everything you want. In this case they have placed a pot, which used to be a teapot. This flowerpot is part of a great, mounted scene.

The stump is part of this scene although, this time, it has been given color. Painting a stump is easy and looks great. You can paint them in several colors or different designs, or in a single color.

Trimming a stump is relatively easy and you can put it as you you want In addition, you should consider sanding the surface very smoothly, so you will not scratch anything.

Source: Kim Young-ah

What do you plan to do with your tree? All ideas proposed should serve to create even more.

I love natural environments and the Nordic style. to decorate, so the wood has to be present. This material is one of the fundamental pillars of this type of decoration ... in addition to the white color.

In Swedish Decoration we love these ideas, respectful of the environment.

If you decide to delete it you think that you can use it in the interior of your home.

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