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Doors open at 5:00 p.m. with Resource Fair

5:45 pm Pre-Screening Performance by Ensemble Folklorico Colibri

7pm Panel Discussion

dinner to follow

The Film The Ciborium is a documentary exploring the relationships between Latino immigrant fathers and their LGBTQ family members. film will be in Spanish, with English subtitles. From the director of "Three Drops of Water" comes a new documentary, "The Song of the Hummingbird." Much like the seldom-heard song of the hummingbird, the voices of Latino fathers are rarely heard in addressing LGBTQ issues. This film aims to amplify their voices. "The Canto del Colibrí," is a story of Latino fathers dealing with issues of immigration, faith, marriage equality, machismo, culture, and the process of their LGBTQ children coming out. Responding to requests from "Three Drops of Water" audiences around the world, the filmmakers are taking this journey by inviting Latino men to speak frankly about delicate and deeply personal topics. This film will address political issues about LGBTQ families, social oppression, shared responsibility and acceptance of LGBTQ people as members of Latino families.
The filmmakers will bring you real stories, Latino immigrant fathers' stories, with interviews and interactions with family members , and their everyday lives in their communities as a background. Using the richness of our colorful Latin communities around the country, the filmmakers intend to expose different points of view and help spur the development of powerful dialogue in our communities. This film seeks to fight isolation and build bridges of hope and solidarity among our Latino fathers, their families and community activists. Now in Spanish:

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5:00 pm Panel / Talk

The Canto del Colibrí, es the story of a group of immigrant parents of Latino origin who explore their experiences as members of an LGBTQ family.
The documentary will be in Spanish and subtitled in English. of the Colibri, "these brave men forget for a moment to emulate the tiny bird, which is rarely heard to sing, to sound their voice on issues such as immigration, religion, equal rights in marriage , the machismo, the culture and the process of "leaving the closet" of their sons and daughters LGBTQ.
As a natural and obligatory continuation of the documentary "Three Drops of Water", which explores the world of LGBTQ families seen from the eyes of mothers, in "El Canto del Colibrí" its filmmakers embark on a conversation As social justice, civic responsibility and the acceptance of the LGBTQ people within the almost always conservative Latino families are some of the key points of this talk, framed in the our communities are so richly and culturally and visually rich

Our goal is to foster a necessary dialogue between our people, to fight against rejection and isolation, and to foster solidarity among Latino parents, their families and community activists. / p>