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Casa Ferretera 7

Casa Ferretera 7

The bird of paradise (Stelitzia reginae), also known as the flowers of the crane, is one of the most beautiful flowers of all exotic. The bird of paradise gets its name from the fact that its flower is made of three bright orange petals and three blue petals that merge together into a single bud. As the flower blooms, each petal makes its debut and the resulting shape reflects that of a tropical bird in flight. The meaning of the bird of paradise flower includes joy and paradise, as it is the quintessential tropical flower.

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Flower making material: - Crepe paper made in Italy
- Green and white floral ribbon
- Scissors, white glue, flower wire
- PVC pipe transparent

Casa Ferretera 7
Casa Ferretera 7 @Casaferretera7

I can not know exactly what information about this flower in your country, you can help me more information on the following link, thank you very much:

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