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Isla Damas Aves marinas anidando

Isla Damas Aves marinas anidando

1 (gene small) bird (m); (Zool) (Cookery) ave (f)

bird of ill omenpájaro (m) of bad omen, a little bird told meme said a little bird; the bird has flown the bird has flown

The bird had flown: by the time they reached the house, Pamela had vanished without trace

the birds and the beesto have not yet explained the things of life

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to kill two birds with one stonematar two birds with one shot

to be strictly for the birdsser little thing or of fools

... who stated bluntly that the use of aerial photos in books of sailing directions was strictly for the birds. This, you might say, is strictly for the birds, embellishing

birds of a feather