Milk from Ajonjoli or Sesamo

Sesame milk (Photo © / © Carmen Marrero)

For example, Sesame milk (Photo © / © Carmen Marrero)

By Carmen "July" Marrero

Sesame milk (horchata) is an alkaline, nutritious and nutritious drink. It has vitamin B, calcium and helps mothers who breastfeed to produce breast milk because it lowers stress levels in mothers and that is beneficial to increase breast milk. The more calm the mother is, the more mammary veins work. The experience with this drink has been very good since many mothers, which I have had the pleasure to meet, had many good benefits and helped them to increase milk. At the same time it helps the baby to be calmer and is satisfied faster when taking the breast milk. Of course, Ajonjoli's milk is good for everyone as you will see below.

Properties of sesame or sesame:

This important oleaginous contains many ingredients needed for healthy eating. recommends to consume it ground when it is peeled (without peel) or a little toasted with the peel. They provide 85% unsaturated fatty acids that help dissolve bad cholesterol.
Is rich in calcium. In 100 grams of sesame can be up to 1500 mg of calcium easily assimilated, surpassing that of milk that provides only 120 mg. It also has iron, phosphorus, magnesium and zinc which helps prevent male infertility. It has 22% protein rich in essential amino acids. It provides lecithin which is a great nutrient for brain cells and optic nerves. Because of its high calcium content, it is advisable to consume it during pregnancy, during menopause and against osteoporosis.

Photo: Carmen Marrero

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1- In a frying pan cook the sesame until the sesame seed is golden. (Cook dry in a non-stick pan.)

2- Then pour the seeds into the blender and add water gradually and at the same time cinnamon, vanilla and sugar, all little a little.

3 - Leave it in the blender at high speed until it looks like a cream if it becomes heavy the blender will be pouring more water as you ask.

4 - Then paste it if desired.

I like because a book is not simply words that someone threw, but is complemented with the reader, who endows it with meaning. However, I do not appreciate the books by their leaves, nor by their extension, nor by the volume that they can imply.

5- and pour in a plastic container.

6- What is left in the strainer, put it back in the blender and add water. Repeat the same procedure as this seed has many nutritional properties and you still have more milk that can be removed.

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Tips & amp; Notes

Well, it gets cold with ice or hot too. What's left, when it looks plump, can be used as fertilizer for the woods. Many people use it to make sesame candy. Talk to your doctor before starting or introducing a new food or diet. The information presented is for educational or informational purposes. We've been cooking for decades, but we're not chefs or doctors! You should seek advice from your doctor if you have a question or a health problem. Thank you for visiting us! More Recipes:

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