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Today I will talk about kraft paper, also known as brown paper, wrapping paper, wrapping paper, envelopes and many other names.

Monolithic kraft paper 80g / m², size 0,15x4

King Cobra - Ronald Koh folded by Anderson Bg

, 00m

Each manufacturer usually creates a name, a nickname for kraft paper and there is also the difference in raw material and production process, which means: kraft paper is found in the most diverse weights, from 60gr to 400gr and larger, very resistant to tears, perhaps one of its greatest qualities (it can unfold and bend at will.)

) but its memory (ability to maintain folds) is poor, as is the color, there is little availability in the market (brown, white, ocher yellow).

Price is very good, can be found in leaves A1 for less than $ 1.00 and is present in our day to day. Wetfolding? Make no mistake.

Do you know those big envelopes? So it's kraft.

Paper bags of those that the bakery uses? It's kraft.

Popcorn bag? It's semikraft (Opa) or white kraft.

In my research (/ fuckyeah!) On the net, and through information from manufacturers and printers I came to a conclusion: there is no standard when it comes to kraft paper, and you can buy one paper and get another, one more reason to test samples, or buy by appointment.

Kraft paper sold today in Brazil could be divided into 3 types:

Monolucent Kraft

Can be found in reels and sheets. Made with raw material 100% virgin, with initial weight of 40gr, in coils can reach 1.80mts. (here, who is encouraged to buy 250 mts?)

The most common is 80gr, easy to recognize this kraft has a "shiny" side, always found in brown.

No stationery, or graphics I had any contact with, knew what I was talking about when I asked about monolithic kraft, only when I mentioned "a bright side", I was able to make myself understood.

They carry an embryo and a food reserve so that the baby can feed the first few days of germination, before it grows its own root. There are seeds with one wing, others with two and there are many wings that have wings that allow them to rotate in the air.

Ronald's King Cobra Koh has been folded with this kraft, without any treatment by Anderson Bg.

The glossy layer of monolithic kraft is ideal for fixing adhesive tapes and is mainly used for packaging. found most easily in sheets A1 with a grammage of 125gr, made with 100% virgin raw material, the printers use this kraft mainly for bags, because they do not have a glossy layer they are used for graphic printing.

Made with matter raw part virgin and part recycled, has its memory effect diminished more still. This paper is usually found in bobbins 60cm wide in the weight of 60gr. I have seen in A1 sheets, folded models with this paper usually "collapse."

Would that be the last choice? Check here some models folded by Ary Kamiyama in semi kraft

Horse - Roman Diaz - semi kraft sandpaper + aluminum

folded by Ary Kamiyama

There is a colorful kraft manufactured by Cromus, and according to the company has 45gr, sold in sheets, has a solid color on one side and the back is metallized. (the red has the golden verse, the silver blue) Ancient Dragon - Satoshi Kamiya

kraft 90cm, treated with cmc folded by Alysson Marreiros

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