thestrangewords: January 2015

Dios        @diostuitero

Dios @diostuitero

I have been stolen from the Holy One so much that I was a devotee,

I have been robbed of the dream I had and had for me,

And do not give me mercy in the country which is believed to be great.

And the unrighteous is:

For the one who has the silver horns

for him.

What a mockery of the American dream!

They say everything will be fine.

For my waters flow through a hill

And it is by that hill only flow to the vast sea;

Investigation of an outbreak of cyclosporosis |
Of the 596 people for whom information was available, 49 (8%) were reported to have been hospitalized. The age of the sick people varied from less than 1 year to 94 years, with a median age 52.

So great and full of sorrows and full of fear and

And emptiness emptiness.

Well, we arrived at the copper gate!

And we live on the rich that are poor!

But everything is false; it is only conformity

We only shave the devil while God gives bad raffles.

And if you are a peasant or a peasant looking for a dream like the one you are looking for for yourself or your family :

I tell you that dream you are looking for; is the promise that the Serpent made to Eve when she bit the apple of the tree of good and evil.

It is a curse that apart you never fulfill your dreams of reaching paradise ; because I am a miserable and not a joy said of nothing even of the dream that is now a nightmare

And an oppression that lashes like a whip all my body and soul

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