Piruja (This blog is the old one, please go to the new one, the one below, thanks): Legend of the Ceibo Flower.

In the Guayaquí tribe there was an Indian woman who loved her homeland to the point of going through the woods alone, talking to birds, flowers, and animals that inhabited the forest. Anahí, that was the name of the Indian, was not pretty, but she was well known for the sweetness of her voice that continually sang the songs of her race. When she sang, even the rumorous river seemed to be silent to listen. On summer afternoons he delighted all the people of his Guayaqui tribe with their songs inspired by their gods and the love of the land of which they were masters.

Preservation and study of the subspecies bighorn sheep (ovis canadensis mexicana), for knowledge of its philosophy and life cycle. Insemination of lambs Island of Guadalupe with semen of Cimarron for the production of hybrid females (receivers).

One day, a great bird of white wings came sailing the river, the invaders descended, those brave men covered with glittering metals that seemed to be the owners of the world, daring and brave beings with white skin, that destroyed everything they found on their way, that the tribes devastated and took away the lands, the idols and their freedom.

The tribe of Anahí decided to defend the native land surpassing the terror that seized them before those unknown monsters that more than men seemed a creation of the same Añangá.

They fought and fought for days and weeks, but were gradually being thrown out of their forests, rivers and mountains.

They tied her to a tree and started the fire by lighting the logs, the fire seemed not to want to extend the flames to the maiden, who without murmuring the word suffered in silence, with her head tilted to one side, until the flames began to hug her But Anahí, in the midst of the flames, instead of groaning in pain, began to sing a song in which he asked Tupá for his land, for his tribe, for his forests, for his rivers, for all. When the fire began to rise, Anahí became a miraculous tree. Her voice rose to the sky, and at the next sunrise, the soldiers found themselves before the spectacle of a beautiful tree with glittering green leaves and flowers red velvet, which was in all its splendor, as a symbol of courage and strength in the face of suffering. Since then, this flower has been baptized as Flor del Ceibo