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Cutzamala de Pinzón is one of the 81 municipalities that make up the state of Guerrero, in Mexico. It is part of the region of Tierra Caliente and its head is the population of Cutzamala de Pinzón.

The shield (not shown) of the municipality was made in 1976 by Alfredo Mundo Fernández and is composed of a circular border that at the bottom it has laurels which signify honor and glory; inside there is a church that symbolizes the history of Cutzamala and its wealth since it was made with the mines of Alba de Liste; there is a rainbow that symbolizes calmness and a weasel that in Nahuatl is said Cutzamalot and Cutzámatl, etymological root of the name Cutzamala. The author modifies it in its external environment in the year 2000, remaining as an heraldic shield with Bordura de Gules, a Corona, and in Campo de Oro are the same elements of the church, the rainbow and the weasel

The municipality of Cutzamala de Pinzón is located to the northwest of the state of Guerrero, between the geographical coordinates 18 ° 24' and 18 ° 56' of north latitude and 100 ° 28'y 100 ° 48 'west longitude, with respect to the Greenwich meridian; in the region's geo-economic region of Tierra Caliente. It has a total territorial area of ​​611.10 square kilometers and its territorial borders are to the north with the state of Michoacán and the state of Mexico; to the south with the municipality of Pungarabato and part of the state of Michoacán; to the east with the municipality of Tlalchapa and the state of Mexico and to the west with the state of Michoacán.

According to the 2010 Population and Housing Census conducted by the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI) census of June 12, 2010, the municipality of Cutzamala de Pinzón counted until that year with a total of 21 388 inhabitants, of that number, 10 528 were men and 10 860 were women.

Locations [edit] ]

The economy of the municipality is based on the agricultural sector which is agriculture and Livestock. According to SAGARPA in the Temporal Modality (spring / summer) and in the Mode of Irrigation (autumn / winter), corn, grain sorghum, sesame, watermelon and tomato are the most widely grown and produced.

In the cattle industry there is the Swiss zebu bull, Indobrasil, goat, sheep, pig, poultry, etc. Also the fishing and the Manufacturing Industry is carried out. On the other hand, trade is carried out on a large scale in the municipal head, that is to say Cutzamala, but also in other towns like Zacapuato and Arroyo Grande.

Politics and government Municipal administration The government of the municipality is made up of a city council, made up of a municipal president, a procurator, four regidores of relative majority and two regidores of proportional representation. All are elected through a single payroll for a period of three years that are not renewable for the immediate period, but it does not continue. Currently the municipality is governed by the Democratic Revolution Party (PRD) after having triumphed in the state elections of 2015.

In addition, there is the Municipal Commissioner who is the authority in the communities and towns of the Municipality , these are elected by the people.

Legislative Representation

For the election of the local Deputies to the Congress of Guerrero and the Federal Deputies to the Chamber of Deputies of Mexico , Cutzamala de Pinzón is integrated into the following electoral districts: The municipalities of Cutzamala de Pinzón



Bonifacio Hernández Beltrán


Octavio Rodríguez Barrera


Justiniano Armendariz Yañez

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Isidro Duarte Cabrera


José Luis Fernández Morales

Francisco Estrada Campos

2012-2015 Isidro Duarte Cabrera

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