SGBlogosfera. Jesus's Friends

SGBlogosfera. Jesus's Friends

SGBlogosfera. Jesus's Friends

Dearest John, I will begin by explaining to you why I believe in God and enjoy it, I am convinced that it is everywhere and we carry it in our hearts, I know that you know my words even before I begin to chatting and that, fits more of me than myself. I take this opportunity to propose that we write together and suggest the examples that have more to do with your life.

That Father who loves me so much the same to all human beings, which causes me to try to love to all people as if they were in my family. That drives me to make a concrete choice of life, to work to change this world, so chungo and so unjust, into something warmer, egalitarian and fraternal.

I am enthusiastic about how well Jesus expressed, with his life and his word, how is this God that created us, and that is why I follow several of his clues, that although you surely already know them, I tell you how I am living them.

The origins of my faith I can not explain very well, because there is in my memory a mixture of what my parents told me, what they told me in school, what I was experiencing and what I have been learning and unlearning until today. nourish my faith with the daily reading of the Gospel, which is the life of Jesus, and I pray and celebrate it with a community, that we are a group of people who want to live in Christian and we encourage, we strengthen together and make life easier. I also celebrate with the whole Church in the parish and I do personal prayer, that is, I talk to God frequently, as with any friend or partner, and so our relationship stays alive, while it energizes me.

And you do not lack reason. Already the first one that Jesus chose to invent his Church, Peter, frog came out to him and after a while to name him he denied him three times before his friends, for fear that they would also catch him. And those who have been following him are similar; people who are full of faults and inconsistencies, that we say a few things and then we can not live them, that we speak of love and we escape the lack of love and injustice of want, and that we have many more things than we need, although we speak of being brothers of all men and we live too well. Well, since the Church, that is, the followers of Jesus, we are full of errors, like most people, mysteriously to each other. we have transmitted the message of Jesus and we have been trying to become our way of life for two thousand years. Do not tell me that it is not incredible that as Christians are so disastrous we have come to this day interested in these things and the message remains valid.

Well, assuming that you and I believe we have a father that has created us, gives us the same thing that is in heaven or this is a metaphor, we can live with the peace of knowing that each hair of our head counted, wraps us in front and behind with his love and has a project of happiness and fulfillment for every human being.

We can be sure that he is with us when we meet in his name, which accompanies our walk through life because it is within each one; that is, that you and I are inhabited people, that we are never alone, since He is in the solitude of our room and in the mogollón of the city, in the difficult moments and in the feast of life, leaning on the difficulties and empowering our wonders.

* Geneva Blonde *
I leave here as good obedient as I am, my participation to tan fun, original and wonderful idea ... I know of those masks that hide NOTHING;

I notice in me, that I make a thousand plans and projects, that I am full of dreams, but when I stop to caress my own life with God, I feel that make me enjoy his mercy, makes me grateful, releases me, me it fulfills and throws me to be more. They say that most people die having developed only ten percent of their abilities. For God is one hundred percent strong. He does not want us to be "bonsai people", which is what we are educated for, but to grow fully, in all our potentials, to develop all the talents he has put in each one. That is why the relationship with God is dynamic and, although I feel small inside, He helps me to believe more in me, because he has put within me a great genius, which I have the obligation to take and give to the world, for my happiness and that of others, and that same thing it does with all people.

That's why faith for me is something healing, that moves me away from complexes and insecurities and impels me to be totally, with simplicity and security, with vitality, creativity and satisfaction, and to try to make others do the same. I feel that God within me is a revolution, because it throws me into Life, in spite of the illness and other difficulties that you, Juan, well know of my life.

God is a dynamic element in the person, although sometimes we have been presented as an orthopedic corset and castrator, since it helps to know and love each other, with mental health, without pretending to be the one that you are not, but developing all the seed that one possesses in its interior of creativity , of kindness, of expressing love and of daring to be and to build.

Many people believe in the existence of God, others put other names, or believe in justice, in human beings, in energy ... I believe that God does not care, because what He intends is that we live well and that we love ourselves and others. I know a lot of people who do not know God's son but who are more legal than anyone, some very good people, who practice justice, are honest and work hard to make this world more human. I am sure that God is delighted with them and that, like me, what drives them is to total happiness and the integral development of their abilities.

You, Juan, are a man deeply well, you know how to love, that you try to do good and that you care about people; You are as God loves us to be. I would like to make you good friends.