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La última certificación que obtuve y ahi paro: Offensive Security Certified Professional

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La última certificación que obtuve y ahi paro: Offensive Security Certified Professional Posted by WCuestas at 6:12 PM No comments Links to this post

Perhaps one of you will wonder why such a late commentary on this concert almost seven months after that tour and worse, when the month of the month, The Inspiration ended. Well, unlike the comment with almost the same time of PRiSM or EMOTION IN MOTION, comments that also took an immensity, in this case, the classic lack of time and ideas to write properly added another fact. That in the background I refused to write about this concert because it was this witness of the "official" presentation of the 13th. Generation and as many will know, I'm not much of a fan of that generation.

But well, banal motives aside, it was time to give the first check to this concert, which although it was not a wonder , the girls made sure that I did not break it and more than anything because for some strange reason I found it a little tired despite the excellent tracklist they presented.

They started the night with My Vision, which I personally felt as a tribute to Kanon, as this was his last single as a Morning Musume which gave him his first brush of nostalgia for this concert. But since there was no time for sorrows, they followed up with a powerful interpretation of Tokyo to Iu Katasumi, followed by Brainstorming in its updated version, then finishing the first part with a regular performance of the classic Tsuyoki of Yukou ze! that worth the truth, did not even tickle the version of that song in the Resonant Live.

Well, after that the function had to continue and with Aki Urara lifted the curtain of the second part. And so that the remenber moment was not a boy they followed with a well Wanseven version of Iroppoi Jirettai and yes, they came out nice. Already with Mukatshi Mukiatte brought us back to reality, the one that says that Morning Musume is stronger than ever.

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Second and short MC and followed with the musical wheel. Seishun Collection in charge of the 12th. he made me see once again that although they are green in vocal matters (all), THE FOUR impose enough presence on the stage and there is no doubt about it. Chikyuu ga Naiteiru returned us to the origins of the Colorful and Kimi no Kawari wa Iyashinai made us vibrate a rarto. De Sou Janai does not say much, because despite her effort, Maria can not with a center and less with more lines than she wanted. Utakata Saturday Night made the audience dance and with that we closed the third part.

After the next MC we started with the torture wheel, but as it was not very wild as on other occasions, because although the songs were followed, now the tonic was to give a part to all. Zero Kara Hajimaru Seishun in the voices again of the 12th. and well, clap your effort. Kudo Haruka took over Navi ga Kowareta Oujisama (Love Chance) and again I think the group loses a lot in vocal matters when it leaves. Do it Now! under the command of Sato Masaki was regular, let's say that the star of Masaki was with a dim light that night. Usotsuki Anta in Oda's voice Sakura was nice, it would not have turned out great, but he did what he knows how to do.

Fourth MC and continue on the tack. Kimi Sae Ireba Nani mo Iranai updated version opened the next section. Password is 0 I would put something of passion to the concert and would turn the audience back with one of the best versions I've seen of Wagamama Ki no Mama Ai no Joke, but as it was half the stage with as many people as they are now. And of course the party could not be complete without another classic of the Colorful, What is Love? and come on, I think even the ones who saw the video concert enjoy it raging.

Penultimate MC and we would be stabbed to the heart with Be Alive and I think everyone in their hearts sang for Kanon. But it was not time to be sad and Sexy Cat did not Enzetsu returned the soul to the body. Last MC and Encore and closed the night with the updated version of One Two Three and well, I can not say that it was a bad concert, but that lacked strength, he lacked, I think he missed that punch of the last concerts, and no, it's not the fault of which they presented to the 13th. Generation, but anyway I do not think MY Vision compares to their latest work.

The girls worked as usual, but I still noticed them at a level well below normal, we will see in the commentary on what they did each one of them and the final comment on what I found this concert.